Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Back in busnisee

Current project is JL vs SF, Hypersonic92 is doing a great work on voice, doing voices and hiring voice actors, so this part is almost done, now is time to somes adjust to prepare for beta release, like, we cant trust at on Mayor with shorts, right? So im doing the smart pallet to Haggar pants.

Im testing a new hyper bg, will show soon to see what you guys tink about it.

I have a crazy ideia about final boss, is not a char from capcom or dc universe, i should talk about that too, im not so good to keep secret my stuffs.


  1. Why would the final boss not be from DC or Capcom or an amalgam of 2 of their characters?

    1. He didn't say it wouldn't be an amalgam... You might have spoiled the fun, lol

      On topic, Yellow Lantern M Bison XD

  2. The final boss is you, isn't it? XP

  3. Final boss huh? something like a gigantic god-like figure? a special character with a lot of combos? or maybe a bonus character with like 3 phases abyss mvc2 like?

  4. funny, you say gigantic... but actually... he is smallest char from roster.