Saturday, August 24, 2013

[MFA2] Daredevil Update

Also somes new features, i saw several gameplays at youtube, and players just dont use block like i do, so somes chars will have a counter block (foward + block) and normal block will still while player hold block button.

and survey still open, actually hold block was a common sugestion from there.


  1. cool nice you found a way to use radar

    (still spriting)

  2. Zvitor, I not understand much of OpenBOR, so I have a question (but not if it is very serious!). Is there any way to play Marvel First Alliance in Windows 8?

    When I give to .exe, it tells me "There is Paks Mods Folder", preventing me from playing. Is there any way to solve this problem?

    1. i belibe new engine dont have problem with windows 8, so try donwload this engine here:;dl=item136 , then go to my marvel first alliance main video, and download .pak file and put at that engine, or wait for MFA 2 which will be build on last engine.

    2. .pak donwload link at video descrition.

    3. YES!!!It works!Thank you, Zvitor.

      Good luck with the MFA2, man.

  3. I cannot find the .pak file. I hope you can make a seperate download of the .pak and have the .exe windows version. I have the windows .exe version but i need the .pak too.