Sunday, December 15, 2013

Fisk Tower

Fisk tower completed!


  1. Boas melhorias, curti muito essa fase da fonte. E curti essa nova inimiga, essa é a mesma personagem do filme da elektra e vai ter as mesmas habilidades ou essa daí possui habilidades diferentes da do filme?

  2. acho que não, não lembro do filme direito, mas a blood mary ou thyfod mary é uma inimiga do demolidor e depois do deadpool, e de poder ela só tem uma leve telepatia.

  3. looks cool Z

    also she has these powers

    Limited Mind Control
    via Mutant Zero armor: arsenal of bladed weapons and enhanced strength
    Peak human agility and reflexes
    highly athletic
    skilled armed combatant

    1. i made her imune to jean/emma powers, i didnt knew about pyrokinesis, will check if i can add it too, so far she have 3 attacks, and one of best anti-air attacks of game so far.

  4. amigo this game is becoming the most inticipated. I can't wait to see a play through by you and Gebirge. One more suggestion that they had in the xmen genesis game is flying bugs/mosquitos in the savage land. Would be cool if you took the bugs that the battle toads eat for health from their arcade game as enemies in addition to those flying drones during savage land flying mission

    here is the game:

    also this game has some really good sprites if you are making a space level before you get to thanos

    also this game may make a good base for shanna she devil and kaazar:


    enemy sprites for lady death's realm to fight thanos

    maybe savage land

    the black knight helper for avengers radio

    maybe longshot helper:

    maybe Hercules helper:

  5. tela muito lindas! amo tela de paisagens e vegetação,seria legal um caverna e uma cachoeira também.

    muito show!!! :)