Monday, March 10, 2014

X-Men Mutant Apocalypse

Working on next remake.


  1. Parece legal Zvitor, como eu nunca joguei esse jogo no passado, vai ser como um inedito.
    Você escreveu "trabalhando no proximo remake" Isso quer dizer que esse ja esta terminado?
    E mais uma coisa Z, a algum tempo atras você postou uma imagem com sprites da selene que pareciam ser ripado de um jogo, é desse?

  2. trabalhando no proximo stage desse remake dos x-men,
    a selene é do jogo wolverine adamantium rage, mas n encontrei onde encaixar ela aqui, pelo menos o esn23 deve usar no jogo dele.

    1. Você ja pensou em encaixa-lá no modo inferno, acho que combina bem com ela, afinal ela é uma das rainhas do inferno, como é um modo com muitos vilões ao mesmo tempo na tela, ela poderia ser a chefe final.

  3. Hello my friend. Im sure you're tired of hearing this. ....if you are working on remakes does that mean mfa2 is done. When can we play it. Im a college student for firefighting training, im looking forward to this. I feel bad I cant pay you to have it

  4. change focus helps to keep me motivade, MFA2 is not ready yet, not 100%, still have bugs to fix, sounds to add, and finish one more char.
    my time to this project is really few, so i cant say a date yet.

  5. Thank you for reply. It looks so good. I know it must be time consuming. Patience is the key. Thank you my friend

  6. Awesome job, ZVitor! I didn't like your idea of having remade games at first... But I have completely changed my mind and I'm very excited about it!! I can't wait for both Maximum Carnage AND Mutant Apocalypse!!

  7. btw, i will not build all levels of game, my plan is at least 3 levels, to x-men i did psylocke level, now im working on wolverine level, then i will go to danger room (vs omega-red and juggernaut) then acolytes and magneto level.

    and levels will not be exactly same of game, levels must be plane because chars cant climb walls like wolverine at snes, and i dont want to create a new entity to each plataform, so i will code it on a easy way, also i will change enemys, because psylocke lvl and wolverine lvl minions enemys at snes are same.... what i mean is, they are not exactly "remakes", it is more like a tribute to this games.