Monday, September 15, 2014

Movie or Comics?

I want to make Guardian of Galaxy to MFA 2 (that not mean i will do it, just planing), and i made this post to be a quick feedback survey,
which look i should use? Comics or Movies?


  1. Big Z I prefer comic style ;)

  2. movie more personality

    like blade movie made blade character more interesting...or movie Jarvis....

    but gamora definitely needs to be comic hell No to Zoe

  3. I think that with movie outfits they would make more success, most of the people (note, not all) who didn't know them got to see who they are through their movie.

  4. Perhaps you should do movie. Comic costumes usually go through changes and they might change the comic costumes because of the new movie's popularity. It probably would be difficult to do, but maybe you can implement their comic costumes through a different color pallette. It is a great idea to add the guardians and new features! I am excited all over again! Here's an idea that you may or may not want to consider: You know about the new Mortal Kombat game where character's have different set of fighting styles (same character but different moves). Since you have all these fans asking their preferences for different move sets, you could make an option of having each character to have 3 different fighting styles. I understand you have limitations with the openbor engine but I just wanted to give you some ideas to brainstorm on. ( I like wolverine as he is, btw)

    1. yea, i belive soon they will change comics costumes to be like movie.
      also there are time limitation, alternate modes could work to a small roster.

    2. Yeah, I figured as much. Awesome job still. If I had the time or the know-how I would gladly offer you a helping hand.

  5. in my opinion:
    Star lord and Groot looks better at movie
    Rocket and Gamora at comics
    ... Drax look same...
    i will go with movie.

  6. please make gamora a badass not like she was in the movie