Tuesday, April 5, 2016

ITS DONE!!!!! F%#$&K ITS DONE!!!!

Damn, finally finished all that boring part,
sounds.... AI.... Damage ballance ..... align hitsparks....
that is defenetly the not fun part when im doing chars, and i always let it to do at end, but on this case, lol.... there are 30+ chars to do it!
now just fews details which are fun to do, (leo stage, ending, game trailer and site stuffs to host it)
so now i can set date release: April 15!!!!

Thanks everyone for wait and support it.


  1. Great job Big Z!!!

  2. great I think bizzaro is blue kryptonite...but that is nitpicking

  3. The great Z does it again!!!

  4. Vc disse q viu Jovens Titãs vs. Liga da Justiça e idéias para personagens novos no jogo, vc já colocou eles ou vai colocar depois como dlc?