Monday, February 13, 2017

Legion.... next avengers poll...


  1. Wow, talk about a nail biter!!! Thanks for everyone who voted for him. Out of the four characters i picked on Patreon, i really was hoping i could play with him the most. Thanks again guys :)

  2. WOW! Essa foi por pouco!
    Minha opção ainda é a Kitty, mas to feliz com Legion (ainda mais pelo hype da série de tv).
    Na verdade eu preferia um cenário com ele fora de controle, e os heróis tendo que detê-lo - o jogo precisa de mais "inimigos".
    Quem sabe essa não é deixa pra Era de Apocalypse? :D

  3. Yeah! 72 vs 71, hard voting=)
    can you add superior spider man or daken for voting avengers pool?
    Daken member of dark avenger team, superior spidey in clasick avengers.

  4. Will a Big Hero Six character be available in any of these polls?

  5. Hey Z when next polling coming???

  6. hey z the voting poll of the avengers has to begin NOW

  7. Off topic but, does anyone know how to setup multiple controllers via andriod? I play this game on my Samsung note 4 and i have several bluetooth controllers i would like to play with a couple friends. But all my controllers act as 1 and controls all characters as 1.

  8. Hello z wasnt active due to personal problems but soon he will return also I officially share the characters for the votes of the avengers

    Namor (Beto)
    Falcon (Steve)
    Black Knight (Randall)
    Ares (Drew)

    well My vote is for namor as he will soon be in the imax(MCU) series of the inhumans

  9. Do not worry the vote will take place soon plus Namor who is winning by 2 votes