Friday, May 19, 2017

Thats it....


  1. I wait anxiously :D

  2. looking forward to antman and blackbolt

  3. Well, I've got 2 out of 5 ain't bad (Legion & Blackbolt). My only gripe is that Namor didn't win.. :(

  4. I like Dormamu as much as everyone, but I really wish Doc Ock was in. Oh well, with a roster as big as this, I don't think anyone can complain. ;)

  5. Do you plan to ever return to Mugen?

    What happened to Poison Ivy, Damien Wayne and the Batgirl update?

    1. Me too
      I really want tô play with Poison Ivy.
      Hope Z finish Arrow Someday, this character is Very Fun tô play

  6. These characters are going to be so fun! I hope you also complete the move sets of the existing characters as well.

  7. Here's a few more things that could be changed:

    * Improve Colossus Ultra. It's the only one I could think of that's genuinely bad.
    * Add back the deleted MFA2 enemy death sounds in addition to those already in the game, for more variety.
    * Add back the NPC Green Goblin in the MFA mode and maybe the villain campaign.
    * Give Shriek a boss lifebar.
    * Add the unused Cannonball NPC (maybe as Legion's NPC?)
    * Bring back Captain America's MFA2 voice. The new one bores me.

    1. More suggestions:

      * Use MFA2 Elektra's air Attacks as air combo.
      * Use Dr. Doom's MFA2 Ultra as run+special
      * Use Iron Fist old combo ender as air combo.
      * MFA1 Wendigo as enemy for Asgard level.
      * Remove invincibility for the Dr. Doom battle in WOTG mode.
      * Update boss versions of players to reflect playable movesets. In particular, Carnage, who has an unneeded second folder for his boss version only.
      * Use deleted Winter Soldier boss in final stage of MIW, as "E. WinterSoldier". Before the part where Adam Warlock helps.
      * Add new bosses to replace the miniboss-to-playable encounters in MFA2. Examples: Sauron, Purple Man, Living Laser, Shadow King...
      * Add Sentinel and Juggernaut bosses to Cap & Avengers mode.
      * Deadpool, Rocket, and Groot should be playable in Cap & Avengers.

  8. I hope big Z will add playable NPCs as secret chars (a bit like Thanos)

  9. Super fum game! Thanks for this!

  10. This is perhaps my favorite game "series" ZVitor has made, and it probably is to many others as well. I hope you don't forget about this game, Z.