Tuesday, July 4, 2017

One Project die, another born... again....

Well... i admit, injustice was not a good name, i love injustice games, but when i play this 16 bits, there are zero injustice feeling.... so to fix it, i will finish cyborg, rename it to Justice League Task Force 2, and re-release it.


  1. It's alright, but if you really want it to be
    Injustice, one could add Injustice-like mechanics to the game, which are probably impossible in MUGEN.

    Making it JLTF2 is fine with me though, and maybe a better move than making it an Injustice game.

  2. Then maybe a new screen pack and boss too...anti monitor...your juggernaut from miw might work as a base

  3. Finished up this for MIW:


    1. Also, there's a few more characters I want to do sprites of but can't find bases for. These include Peggy Carter, Rawhide Kid, Man-Thing, Slapstick, and NFL Superpro. I think someone from Sunset Riders might work for Rawhide Kid, but the base I wanted for NFL Superpro hasn't been ripped yet.

    2. On the other hand, I think Spider-Ham and Kraglin will be next. Maybe 2 to 4 more with them?