Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Hey guys, this blog sucks, mainly because i cant receive notifications when i receive a reply, [actually i receive, but it goes to gmail, which are not my main email, and it is hide under a social tab], also is a pain to find new replys on old posts, and is not fun post same thing on different places, so i recommend to visit my patreon site, (im not saying to be a Patron, but thanks if you want to...), just to visit if you want to check small progress, and to know on what im working atm, there are plenty of public posts and dont need to be patron to comment there,
But f you are only interested on releases, i will not forget to post all releases here at blog too.

(i dint asked, but i suppose everyone here are already subbscribed there, right?)


  1. Well I'm a patreon I'll bounce between the two sites

  2. I don't know where else post this, but how can I get the xbox one controller to work for Marvel Infinity War? I can't get it to work.

    1. i have no ideia about how it happens, maybe are some problem with memory of this game, because it uses same engine version of JLU and i didnt received any complain about JLU

  3. I find it a bit difficult to navigate in patreon. Here is more easy. Tomorrow is your birthday aaaaahhhh!! lol should we expect a gift??

  4. Bem, n curto openbor. Mas brinco com bons jogos. Principalmente se envolver Marvel, dc e tokusatsu. Muitos podem dizer, que zvitor só visa dinheiro agora, mas acompanhei sua carreira. Ele nos serviu por muito tempo de graça. Fez e ajudou a concluir muitos chars e fullgame. Se vc completar esses chars que vc deixou pela metade, e lançar os semi-concluidos, pra mim está ótimo. Até mesmo se forem apenas os semi. Como o Robin e era venenosa. Grato pelos muitos chars.