Friday, September 27, 2013

[MFA2] Friday news

Loos like no one respect me when i say roster locked, and i have 3 more chars to add:
- Magneto (GBA sprites) Resized and edited by Maru
- Winter Soldier edited by Jeff
- Cable in progress by Warecus, he already did enought for a NPC, but he want to make what he need to be playable.

Im setting all minions enemys subject to screen, that means they cannot quit screen (only boss and sub-boss will be able to do it), this is a extra job because i must check all previous enemys spawn to set it to screen,  but result is really good, make game more dynamic and fast.

Im updating game roster alphabetically, im at H (redoing a lot of stuffs at Hawkeye), tonite i should upload a quick video just to show extra changes at A to G chars.

Thanks to everyone who follow this project close, unfortunately to manage better my time i will post news only here and youtube (or at chronocrash if i need a code adivice from experts at engine), i have a lot of fun doing this game, and at the moment i have few time to do it, and dont want to waste visiting several different forums.

And still posting about any thing you want to suggest or criticize, if you check all game video updates you will see im totally open to listen it.


  1. great news z this and o's project are very inticiipated. only thing left on cable is second jump attack and special then he is all yours. the colors, sorry it's not as sep'ed as jubes, but I think it is better than archangel at least. the biggest thing is that I'm running out of colors and time. so I may just be able to recolor hair at very least to make it easier for you. I think you will like him and have fun editing him to your liking anyway. whatever I give you is just a canvas with organized colors. you'll make him great. and man you were right. hard base. franken sprite resizing hell is almost nothing like the sprite sheet you gave.

  2. Unlimited still seems died :( its cool your working mfa2. Are you continueing the break on streetfighter vs justice league or is it after mfa2? Any news on gotham knights ?

  3. check your pm at imt cable is complete enjoy