Tuesday, September 3, 2013

[MFA2] New Comers and more updates in progress....

Human Torch by hno.lobo
Archangel by Warecus


  1. Archangel looks awesome!

  2. A Vespa ficou muita bonita, nossa, ficou muito bacana você ter usado os sprites do char dela pra por no jogo, ficou muito boa, to doido pra ver os golpes dela, quero atirar muitas rajadas de longe nos inimigos.
    Mais to mais ansioso pra ver a sua mulher invisível, essa vai ficar bem foda.

  3. nopwa, os sprites delas são com uma base de um jogo desconhecido do snes, até o momento não utilizei nenhum sprite de char do mugen, a não ser pra os icones.

    ripei os sprites dela desse jogo:

  4. ripa é tão legal!

    o zvitor vc sabe me dizer onde eu posso conseguir alguns sons legais pra por em lifebars?

    tipo: KO / FIGHT / WIN SOUND
    para dar uma variada no som das lifebars.

    1. não faço ideia, tenho pouca experiencia em editar SP

  5. esse CASTING de novos chars tá coisa de louco!

    valeu mesmo,amo os new faces.

    sei que é dificil faze-las mas vou só perguntar!

    já ti passou a idéia de fazer essas heroínas?


    bem,mas acho que fazer mulher é complicado,porque trabalhar com curvas e seios,não deve ser muito fácil.

    valeu. tá ótimo.

    1. a vampira eu quero, vou tentar uma base pra ela ainda, e a valkyrie pode ser NPC se eu fizer asgard.

  6. looks awesome z.

    Did you change the wings, I like yours there better...but that means you have to change all the wings I gave you?

    hopefully you give him the red costume with the caucasian skin. That's why I put the halo on his chest...if he is wearing the blue costume you should just color it in pink when not wearing red. also I made the eyes a different color so you could give him yellow eyes and blue skin for that 90's look

    on another note jub is coming along almost done

    1. not all, i used somes of your wings too.
      this skin will be there

  7. I'm not sure if the MFA now has like a vs/training mode to pit char against char...

    if not that would be cool

    kinda like tmnt turtles in time did for the snes

    also anyway to program team bonuses

    like wolverine and jubilee (oops) get a life boost

    archangel and psylocke get a speed boost


    have thought of adding screen clearing helpers like the avengers arcade game
    similar to the one OLu is working on.


    have namor run on screen
    flood comes on screen the washes enemies in range off screen

    1. to have a VS, i should enable friendly fire, and it will ruin normal mode, npc shots could hit you, and moves like hulk earthquake will hit friends too.
      team boost, i tink it is not possible
      i have plan to 3 new itns wich will summon helpers, like a radio to summon a shield agent, silver surfer to do something simillar to archangel at x-men genesis 1, not exactly screen clearing and dr strange to buff or turn enemy at crates.... not sure yet.

  8. the summons sound great.

    about the vs, I just wondering that if it could be done (friendly fire) during the danger room mode only...that would be sort of like a versus.

    you have found dr. strange sprites right?

    if not spawn from snes should work.

    silver surfer summon would be cool during a space flying stage

  9. Awesome screenshots Z!!! :)