Thursday, October 30, 2014


Hi guys, just to let you know, i did a PATREON account this days, and is nice when we receive any kind of support, anyway people from blog follow close all my projects and already helps a lot with tips and feedback, it is just one more way to help if you want and could.


  1. looks awesome

    hope someone pledges for forge

    I would because I'm lazy but I cant because I'm broke lol

    1. LOL, its cool, i will add him some day, like NPC at least.

  2. you know I would just sprite myself if I had time.


    stryfe boss, would justify apoc being playable because he teamed up with cable to fight him
    adam warlock infinity war and gauntlet main char other than thanos you really need him

    maybe a last minute npc...
    he appears on screen like doc strange and uses soul gem to increase chance of defeated enemies dropping health or powerbar orbs, but only while on screen...let's say 20 seconds

    feral, you need a werewolf/werecat char and more x-force
    or wolfsbane you need more x-factor
    nightcrawler w/swords during special (3) two in hand one in tail


  3. Z, poderia me explicar mais ou menos como funciona isso?, não intendi, no caso de por exemplo eu querer 50+, isso séria algo mensal ou apenas uma vez?