Saturday, October 11, 2014

Update list updated

almost there....
what is missing:
- iceman  sounds
- darkhawk

fixes list:
- added arrow to hawkeye run attack and incressed hawkeye speed of shot arrows anims to legolas level
- 1 sec of invenciblility after knockback to all chars (thanks ilu)
- add pain to archangel projectiles and his run speed and incressed distance of his dive attack
- replaced wolverine F,F+A  multi-hit to a knockback attack
- replaced no-claw-wolverine special  to multi-hit attack (Drill Claw like, thanks ilu)
- double value to healing factor
- incressed invisible woman default attacks range
- incressed wasp projectiles range and added knockback to her dive
- incressed mr.fatastic basic attacks range and speed
- new anim to hawkeye jump
- new attack to nick furry run attack, and old become his attack2
- incressed shot speed of nick fury gun mode

edit 03/10/14:
- added air jump control (right - left) to agility 3-4 (it may help at holes on 2d levels)
- fixed jubilee radio sound
- removed one of cable jump attacks
- changes at nebula and dr.doom AI to control they off screen time
- punisher:
old attack 2 is now new attack 3
new punch is now attack 2
old attack 3 is now run attack
old run attack is now default DF + A
shotgun is now full bar DF + A
granades is now special
and a more effective jump attack (he hold knife until hit ground)
- improved DF+A ironman full mp bar

- cable is no more a shooter, he have regular punchs, so change shots to be other moves
- blackcat walk on her special
- nick-gun special issummon a agent
- reorganized char grid (a pain to do it, but will be easy to add more chars in future)
- story mode restricting chars at some missions
- several changes at leadership chars status to fit it
- new npcs: shadowcat, wonderman, dazzler and blade
- incressed range of emma projections
- added grabattack to spiderman, cap america, beast, miss marvel, black panther and venom
- new grabattack2 to beast
- jump 4 to black panther
-added a HUD element to show when you have the MARVEL item
- vision jump attack vel incressed, knockback of run attack and speed of eye beam
- jump 5 & 6 height incressed
- no more pause at ant-man texts
- fix english text errors


  1. Grandes atualizações Z, bom saber que o hyper da gata negra vai mesmo mudar e esse novo modo de projeteis pra vespa se encaixaria como um nerf ou um up?

  2. Ela anda um pouco, não é uma grande mudança
    A vespa tem alcance maior os tiros e o DF+A dela vai mais longe, pra ela ficar distância segura atirando

  3. what's ice man sky?

  4. After this, will you return to Mugen? Any chance of a new char by the end of this year? Updated Mr. Fantastic, Batgirl or Poison Ivy? Or will you go back to JL vs SF?

    1. i hope so, this MFA 2 update was planed to be next year, but Darkhawkfan convinced me to do it before ($$$) :)

  5. ohh I get it....

    a really long ice slide lol

    or forge driving him the black bird

  6. Hey Z let me 1st say thaf i am a huge fan of you work, and MFA is the best openbor game ive ever played hands down....... I wanted to ask you if you where going to finish Songbird and Martian Manhunter once you return to your mugen projects?

  7. good chances to songbird, but no hope for MM soon, his spriter is a doctor and he should travel around country until end of 2015 doing researchs.....

  8. Hi Big Z! When all these updates will be playable?!?

  9. Hey Zvitor what's story mode restricting chars at some missions??? O_o

    1. Like at stage 2 you only can choise X-men.... At stage 7 only the "new thunderbolts"....

  10. Ok, but is there a mode like in mfa2 with all chars playable?

  11. Ei amigo, esse tal de darkhawk é o arcanjo ? Com aquele negocio do Apocalypse ?