Thursday, February 11, 2016

Blog changes

IT IS SO WHITE!!!!! it hurt my eyes, honestly i only did this changes because i liked this left menu, helps to see if i get comments on old threads, but after aply, it overwrited old blog stuffs, later i will try make it more dark...
What you tink? its cool? not really?

anyway, project news:
- i stoped zangief progress, because jhfer want to try a t-shirt smart pal, so i will wait for it.
also this last days i did something really boring, change of all basic sounds, after a MFG feedback i figured i use same old sounds for a long time, so i got new ones.
i did:


  1. what happened? with Hawkman? and Green Lantern, Cyborg Fighter Callejeros, Thunder Hawk, Cody, Captain Commando and Guy

    1. they will come later, i removed the grey not-finished chars from select screen to not look like something which can be unlockeable at first release of project

  2. The wheel of fate is no longer turning..I like the new fonts.

    I wonder if hyper voice acting ever considered doing a fight announcer.

    A smart pal with shirt sounds tough with that chest hair

    1. he did shirt only, then i said "man, looks great, but i cant make him shirt-less without hair chest" then he said he will try do it even more smart, lets wait