Monday, February 29, 2016

Joker Teaser

I know this two sticks is not a perfect fit to joker, but Im really happy with this base, 


  1. First the portrait looks great.

    I think the sticks work since he is not doing anything can always say he stole them from a cop he killed. Or you edit one out of his hands and make other one longer to give him his 80's cane. But all in all I think he works..maybe a hyper could be a big mallet

    What I thought would be great if for a hyper he sprays them with laughing gas and that it has a time bar of how long the effect would last...let's say 7 seconds...the effected player would be interrupted ever so often randomly by going into frozen/dizzy state with ha ha sprite fonts above their head to simulate the toxin interrupting their gameplay

  2. don't know if it's possible but he could benefit with yellow dots for eyes

  3. The nightsticks do not work. I recommend changing them to a crowbar or a knife.