Thursday, September 28, 2017

Lets make this game Story...

Now is that part of process where i got help with story and english texts to cutscenes, i will write everything which i got, and sugestions are welcome:

If you follow blog a long time, you know how it happens, so sorry for bad english and lest start:

0. Luthor and his injustice league say something simillar to MFA
"Lets do our evil secret plan to destroy justice league"

"Meanwhile in Gotham..."
1. Game start with Gordon saying
"Joker gang, are acting weird/unusual, you must investigate"

2. after beat somes of gangs you face catwoman boss, aftr beat her, selina say:
"i have not ideia what is happening, but a little bird told me, joker and harley are planing a assault to central bank"

3. them start the car shoter stage, with harleyqueen-car boss, and after that you go to 2 levels until face joker at a building rooftop, after beat him, joker say:
"I looks like someone which made plans? luthor just gave me money to hire more guys and have fun, hahahahahaha"

4. stage start at metropolis buildigns, to fight against luthor, after bet him,
"is to late, all pieces are on place, justice league end are close"

5. alarm call heroes atention to streets where army will be there fighting against heroes, after beat soldiers and zoom,
Lois Lane come and say "Luthor discoverd where Doomsday are locked, on a secret militar base, go, you must stop it"

6. the water-sky level, fight agains metallo, later that part to be secret base entrance (check wonder woman video) to fight against General Wade

7. inside of base you will fight until beat parasite.

8. but Cyborg Superman will come and release Doomsday and fly away.... im not sure if he must talk something here....

9.then some hero, probably batman or super, say:
"They want to back to cities to spread destruction, we must stop them before Doomsday recover all his strong"

10. one level at rooftoops where you fight against supercyborg

11. final fight against doomsday on a build consctruction area

12. End - Game end with death of superman, i tink dont need any text, just some cool pics.
and last cutscene should be Darkseid saying something like "Earth are defenseless...."

so, what you guys tink?


  1. Z li o texto e penso que a historia já tem um a forma boa mais tente encaixar melhor os outros personagens para não ficar com um foco só no Super Man e no Batman coloque alguma coisa em temicera em central city tbm tipo o Batma em algum momento ir a temicera para pedir ajuada a Mulher Maravilha e vc jogar uma fase com ela lá e o super chamar o flash e ter uma fase em central city e o aquaman em atlantida pode perceber algo errado na superficie e vir por conta propria ajudar

  2. 7. "Parasite will not let you interfere!"

  3. Hey this might come in handy for sfx (flash) or any one you choose

  4. Sounds awesome if you decide to go with a mega boss imperiex is impressive

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  6. Eu quero ajudar, mas não conheço bem a DC pra opinar na história - o texto eu reviso numa boa, pode contar comigo.
    Achei pertinente o comentário do Nelson, sobre diversificar os heróis na história. Se vc fizer stage select igual no MIW (mas com todos liberados, claro), abre oportunidade de ampliar as locações antes da batalha final, mas também acho pode ser feito por meio das cutscenes, sem incluir ou alterar a ordem dos stages. Mas daí eu lhe pergunto: você pretende expandir ESTA história no futuro? Ou vão ser só modos extras e bonus chars?