Monday, November 5, 2012

Animal Conjuration - Video

A sample to show better how it works,
- Random animals
- p2 control animals, so he can try run away to not get more hits
- Each animal have a different velocity
- it is not a exclusive move to avx, it will work against all mugen chars (i hope so), animals sprites are at Wanda sff

- Snake attack
- Rabit jump


  1. that is awesome z, the effects are great in motion. hoping to see a full video of her showing off her skills

  2. i will do it, now is time to focus on others parts, usually i skip a lot of stuffs just to do and test specials/hypers quickly.

    next post should be a full fight video, maybe in 5 or 6 days.

  3. Cant wait Z!!!

    U are doing excellent work for the project!!!

  4. Hello!
    Hhahahah is funny well done Mr. ZVitor!

  5. ehy Z, what do you think for this special to give each character a specific animal with detail ... for example vs cyclops: transformation into panda with optical Viewer vs wolverine in a kitten with long nails ... and put 1 generic animal who is not in the list ...

  6. Ansioso.......lança logo vitinho

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