Saturday, November 3, 2012

Reality Control

This hyper give to Wanda control of reality, exactly like reality gem at marvel super heroes game. Im not sure if Scarlet Witch can do something like that at comics, but i know her powers limit is hard to define, so i tink this one fit to her.


  1. it is hard to define, but then again she rewrote a whole universe. she just doesn't have percise control over it. her biggest gimmick has been like a clumsy wizard. she cast a hex it can be as small as having someone slip or tearing a whole in reality. sometimes they get reversed and that is marvel's way of keeping her in check.

    i've sent you this link before in past when we first started working on her but here it is again. it might help.

  2. also here is a snippet from the site and then it goes over all the hex-planations

    reality-warping ability allows her to shape existence to suit her desires, including feats of levitation, induced paralysis, deconstructing matter, resurrecting the dead, altering world history and individual memories retroactively, changing beings at a genetic level, and so on; due to its staggering scope, this power has been subconsciously limited by Wanda in various ways over the years

    previously defined her power as "hex bolts", energy discharges which caused a sub-molecular disturbance in quantum reality in their target, altering probabilities so that unlikely events would occur; eventually learned to control the flow of probabilities and induce specific unlikely events

    later defined her powers by "chaos magic", allegedly absorbed from her mystical birthplace Wundagore Mountain, giving her greater influence over the natural order of things, letting her detect and direct elemental forces, deflect and disperse magic, harmonize with and manipulate existing energy fields, cast stable hex enchantments on people or objects, etc.

    briefly infused with large amounts of nexus energy by Immortus, transforming her power so that she could induce changes in people or objects by retroactively altering history up til that point

  3. also for your avenger vs xmen game since the roster won't be as big as the standard customizable mugen roster. she can cast specific hexes towards the characters that works the same way as your green arrow weak point arrow hyper. ex cap shield misses you.

  4. more ex.

    Marvel Team-Up (1st series) #42 casts a hex which summons a swarm of locusts to assail her attacker

    Avengers (1st series) #153 transfigures earth into water to cushion her fall

    Avengers (1st series) #186

    while under the possession of Chthon, she exhibits thought casting power, the ability to summon lightning bolts, animate wood and trees to attack, fire mystical force bolts, and create a massive storm casting down torrential rain, hailstones, and more lightning bolts on her victims

    Avengers Annual #10 causes a gas main to explode under her opponents’ feet
    fires off a rapid stream of hexes which combine to ultimately transform a giant fire creature under Pyro’s command into inanimate stone

    Power Man & Iron Fist #102 casts a spell of concealment which slightly alters her appearance

    Avengers (1st series) #237
    hexes Electro so that the carbon dioxide in the room gathers around his head, temporarily cutting off his oxygen to make him pass out

    Avengers West Coast #79 summons Dr. Strange from a distant dimension

    Avengers West Coast #82 causes the Imperial Guardsmen Titan to shrink down from giant-size to well past his normal height to only a few inches tall

    Scarlet Witch #3 surrounds her fist with hex energy to increase the strength of her blows
    causes several oak seedlings to spontaneously grow to the size they might be in hundreds of year resulting in each bursting through the ground with explosive force
    casts a hex that causes falling debris to miss her entirely while striking her pursuer
    calls up roots to animate and trip her pursuers

    Force Works #6 casts hex spheres around her hands that allow her to slow her fall from a great height in order to land unharmed

  5. Her body is very well shaped,doesn't look capcom at all.good work!

  6. hey z check your pm at imt again I sent some more sprites.

    the sprites are based on what jhfer suggested to you about mp drain

  7. Nice work!!!

    Good ideas Warecus!!!