Saturday, November 3, 2012

Animal Conjuration

Still coding this move, not done yet, but ideia is turn p2 into some of 6 random animals, the difference from box special is because here p2 can control animal and run around.
That should be all her moves for avx and probably first release. say tunned for her video to see all this moves working...


  1. great job z

    love magic effects you gave.

    acey did a great job of fixing the leg in the first screen shot. I just could not get it to work right for anything.

    thanks to your familia for allowing you to do this.

    she will be a great addition to AvsX.


  2. Couldnt agree more with Warecus!!! Great work Z!!! :)

  3. All the plans until looking cool... really nice effects man!

    If you don't have all animals yet there's some nice ones that
    can be used from this stage:

    It's from the mame game Karnov's Revenge / Fighter's History Dynamite.

  4. lol a zebra or jiraffe would look pretty cool

  5. hey, nice animals, but i need it with stance and walk, i already have 6 here,

    but i like this stages, will dig for it, they could be useful for my other project with snes sprites