Saturday, March 9, 2013

Claw of Horus question

How exactly Claw of Horus works?

i thought it was stronger if he are not at ground, more height, more damage,
but cant find any reference to that.


  1. here is a bit of info about it:

    The Claw of Horus is a gauntlet used by Hawkman. It draws its power from the Earth's magnetic field and has enough strength to knock Superman out in one punch.

    Original page:

    With that being said it would be more powerful closer to the ground as it charges with the earth's magnetic field.

    And quoting someone from a forum:

    It's made of Nth metal which somehow allows control of the fundamental forces, solar energy blasts, flight, etc.

    Original page:

    Hope this helps.

    Oh....almost forgot
    small typo I think on your projects page for hawkman shows sky assault and hawkgirl are both D,DB,B+2P

    1. thanks for the info, and for point that mistake.

      i was doing inverse, far from ground = more damage :/

  2. Zvitor, só uma dúvida, depois que você concluir o Hawkman, qual será seu próximo projeto?