Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Guile specials....

When i started this project, first thing i did was stick max specials to 4, because SFs chars have less then JL on they original games, and with JL i can create news ones or be creative and its cool, but i just cant add a sword attack to Ryu or a Machine Gun to Guile (actually, i can do it, but will not look right there)... so to balance both sides, im adding somes moves to SF chars, like roll to Ken, and hazanshu to chun li, .... but i have no ideia about what i can do for guile, sugestions plz......

And added another "secret", just a pallet swap but with different hypers, i should name him reverse flash or professor zoom?


  1. a chance for guile's sonic boom to hover around him until it comes into contact with pl2

    similar to how your miss marvel has those orbs that hover around her

    it would move like kung lao's hat in the new mortal kombat x game: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CqEXd1viBG0
    watch at time 0:09

    the sonic boom will move around him while guile is free to move...this will add combo possibilities plus I think it fits his character air force...just like helicopters winds you can call it "chopper boom"

    as far as the flashes go you can cheat and add both

    watch the flash show...make black pal and add lightning to zoom and have him go through warp tunnels like a teleport just like the show to make him different just like the show or have hime throw lightning maye move could be a vibrate through a char

  2. Muito bom todo o progresso até agora Z, eu amei a giganta la no fundo do cenário de cheetah, e sobre o flash acho que seria melhor usar flash reverso até pela popularidade da série.

  3. I would recommend looking at Charlie in SFA3 for inspiration

  4. I prefer reverse flash...
    I think he need red eyes :)