Thursday, January 28, 2016


Testing Wolverine, im not sure if i will keep him this way, maybe do somes changes or maybe cut him of project.

somes wolverine custom prites made by:


  1. dude he looks great, captures the arcade feel and fits the style of the project...please keep

    also the stage looks great

  2. WTF big Z!!! Your Wolverine is AWESOME!!! it looks really cool, I really hope you will release him!!! ;)))

  3. ok, i will keep him.
    did some small changes, but if you guys liked him... then i will keep him.

  4. why do you hate him so much lol

    as a matter of fact i'm going to watch the video again.

    on another note when he says drill claw he doesn't spin maybe you can flip the sprite and add a twist wind sprite to make it appear so.

    and we didn't get to see his second hyper...I know the arcade game has sprites were they kick or punch a downed enemy maybe that could work for similar to your wolverine for mugen...I think in the arcade game wolverine stabs enemy on the ground instead of kicks

  5. Are you joking? That Wolverine is totally badass! And that stage is perfect!

  6. WHOA! That stage is AWESOME!!! Can you release it for regular Mugen with superjump included?

    And Wolverine looks great! Saw you might add more chars.. another good idea is a Power Ranger (Green)