Thursday, January 7, 2016

JLvsSF Progress:

Lex Luthor and Vega sprites done.

Cheetah and M.Bison code done.

I have Cammy almost done too, so im wondering about add her and Robin to phase 1....

And on my cursor scheme, still have spot for one more secret char, who coulde be? 


  1. Eu entendi Robin? Boa aquisição, nem sabia que tinha algo feito sobre ele

    1. editei com o sprite dele aí no post

    2. Estou vendo, esse jogo tem tudo pra ser tão bom quanto MFA

  2. if you are going street fighter side secret char it should be a gi joe char...back in the day they had a cross over with action figure toys and now they are having a new cross over comics

    maybe it could be storm shadow...sega genesis shinobi could work for that
    or a female gi joe like scarlet to give another female

    for dc side it would be cool for deathstroke...he never gets in anything or so you have another female how about huntress another bow type char for green arrow

    also for a extra move for ryu which I think would be cool easily intergrated is his hurricane kick could suck players in if you repeatedly press kick like a vacuum ...not quite like his hyper it only sucks players in

  3. and yes adding robin and cammy would be cool

    phase 2 maybe feilong and bronze tiger

  4. A paleta da cammy alpha não teria de ter o chapéu azul como a blusa?

  5. Remind me to finish Black Canary....
    Everything looks awesome. Great job

  6. Hopefully you can squeeze in robin and cammy this game is really shaping up to be epic