Wednesday, January 27, 2016


All non-guest chars done....
Maybe i will add more before release? Maybe.
Where is Wolverine? I did him, but im not sure if i liked him....


  1. don't leave out wolvie please

    one of his hypers could be his special from the arcade game

  2. As needed to bring out the game? two or three days? I already see very full and very good

  3. Por mais que fique feliz por ver o progresso desse jogo, to muito curioso pelo wolverine, mesmo que seja meio evidente como os movimentos dele funcionariam, mas sabe como é né? É o Wolverine poxa :)

  4. I see your game has a retro feel, which I love, but there's just one thing that doesn't fit at all. The hd fonts post fight "decide your destiny. Engage"