Sunday, October 2, 2016

Luke Cage and Updates

Now, all chars, jump 1 to 6, have same height of run+jump, this way i dont need to do small plataforms because chars with jump 1 or 2 cant reach it, this way i can let everyone unlockable at war gems mode, and chars with good agility but low jump can do better air combos.

Boss and enemys:
- Somes boss have now 1 sec of invencibility after fall (they wil blink) to avoid boss rape
- Also you are not more able to infinity rape of enemys at corner, all enemys have a juggle value, and they wil fall after some hits.

Nick Fury:
- no more infinity agents, if you call one, this one replace current agent who fly away

The Thing:
- his old runattack is his actual run (doas damage jut like jugz run)
- new elbow attack to be his run attack

- New effect to his ultra stomp

- if hit punch after hit with his run uppercut, he does another hit (exactly like MVC spider)

- stay more time at air when does air shock attack

- New attack3
- Could stay more time at air with his attacks, jumping at enemy heads

- New attack3 a doube hit attack

- Like i said before, with new button, chars with agility >= 3 does now air special, same old moves of up/down but now with one button only.
- so there is a new possibility, do special at run, impossible does hadouken while running before, so each char does one of this moves if you do special at run:
* Regular special (same move if not running, no big deal)
* Knockback attack (ex.wolverine instead of change mode will do his uppercut Up, up , attack. - ironman does his grabattack cheats beam - silver surfer does his air flip, if you see at video, he still running after it, so is possible do it several times)
* Jump special (Chars does his air special, at ground, Spider swing, gambit thorw diagonal card, iceman does ice trail...)

Captian america:
- So far are te only char which have a unique move to be his run+special, the mvc uppercut

- Iceman:
Somes changes at air surf..... ,block at air, just like other chars with high jump, no consume mama, only fly, and special at air, does a digonal attack with ice trail... also block trail, are "walkable", you or a friend can walk over it to cross a hole.... i will do a video to explain it better.....


  1. Nice job with luke cage z my suggestion would be to try and use drawmethod to make characters like him and hulk bigger to be more intimidating but great job

    1. i dont tink strong guys should be so big like on mvc series, thats why i reduced king pin size too.

    2. Your the boss z he looks great nevertheless

    3. werent they bigger then the hulk? isnt hulk "technically" the biggest?

  2. Tired of buying new clothes. ..yes I agree with Tru. It would nice to have him a bit bigger...also any plans to make hulk s hyper different from cage

  3. Wow!!! Now I've a new favourite char: Luke Cage :) <3

    1. yea, after so much space guys, was nice punch somes thugs face and kick ass

  4. So now The Thing can knock down enemies on the run? Hmm... I thought that it was a unique feature of Juggernaut, just like Hulk's knocking down jumps. Anyway, I like the changes (no more infinite shield agents! =)
    And I've got some suggestions:
    - add non-ice mode for Iceman (like The Colossus at the beginning of a stage (press the block button or attack button to turn into ice)).
    - enemies that were frozen in the air should fall on the ground instead of staying in the air.
    - Thor's hammer and Cap's shield should do damage to enemies not only when they're thrown forward, but also when they're coming back. At least Thor's hammer should.
    - and maybe Howard The Duck must become a NPC helper for some of the new chars =)?

    1. - man... a non-ice man should be great, useless? yea, but should be a nice features, atm it are not on my plans, but maybe in future.....
      - to freeze enemy fall i should do a custom frees, instead use default openbor freeze, is not something which i plan to do atm
      - i wil make they hit, but without knockback at they return
      - i hate that duck, stil have nightmares with that sex scene on 80' movie, sry.

    2. Howard the duck should be help to Squirrel Girl =D

    3. Oh, man... now that we know about your Howard the Duck trauma, we will pester you about it! XD

    4. And funny thing is, I planned to make Howard but as a joke char. You know, with cartoon-y feeling.. And his ultra must be Trash Can Robot.. lol

  5. Yeah cap should definitely have hit back on shield he is more famous than Thor for doing that...with Thor it just kinda happens if it happens. .I do wish had better sprites for ice bridge...maybe mega man x

  6. Sweet Christmas!!! (he should say that after his ultra move!)
    I see you didn't use the radio... do you have to code a new helper for him (like Misty Knight or Jessica Jones) or is it someone we know from MFA2 (speedbal or some street thugs)?

    Changes to Iceman sound amazing!

    Thanks for fixing Storm's air attack.

    1. jessica jones are on plans to be luke, fist and daredevil radio,
      i didnt found that "Sweet Christmas!" audio, but i confess i did him quickly to release video at weekend of his serie debut, will look for it and polish him better.

    2. You can probably get it from Ultimate Alliance games...

      Ideally, you should have Misty Knight (shooting with guns), Coleen Wing (slicing with samurai sword) and Jessica (brawling with fists) as NPCs, so you'd be able to give different leadership values to each char (Luke could even call all three of them). But I understand how hard it is to get sprites for so many chars.

    3. Or "You Want Some!!" when he doing his special

    4. Better yet: He shouts "you want some?" before special, then after he looks around at everything he destroyed and says "Sweet Christmas" :P

  7. What will the sixth button do? I see we have attack, jump, special, block, and ultra, but what about the sixth?

  8. Will you be interested on Ronan for the Space Guys villain? I just made Ronan using Arthur KOTR as a base. If you are interested, shout my PM at ChronoCrash. And here is the Ronan mock up.

    And in case you want Jones as well

    I'm seahorses btw..

    1. I believe tinypic is down or kinda error. Here you are, I've uploaded it again.

      Jones (Using Lucia FF and your Black Cannary as a base)

  9. Replies
    1. If those words are for me then you don't know how much I'm flattered by it Sir! When Z on hiatus, I learned how to sprite and by mean spriting is copying your style and others that contribute to MFA. My goal that time is to continue MFA at least for my personal reason because I just love this game and now Z back working at MFA again, I want to help anyway I can.

      I just made this Misty mock up, just in case Z consider to add her as NPC

      And for the guy that working on Dr. Strange. I tried Warecus suggestion about using Spawn as a base and it seems feasible. I edited Chamat sprites (I'm sorry if Chamat or Thagr8test, the one that commissioned that sprite mind by it. Because I don't know if it open source or not)

    2. nice man.
      i NEED that Misty!!!!
      ... spawn have a bad size, well, i have a plan b to dr. strange, but right now i will focus on stages, later i will try him if no1 do it :)

    3. OK, I'll get right on it. You need her just to shoot, right?

    4. to be npc:
      - walk
      - stance (1 sprite)
      - get hit
      - fall
      - 1 attacks

    5. feel free to use dr strange as a base man just give chamat credit thats all

    6. I was referring to you suicidal. They look pretty nice, especially Misty!

      You really should give it a try man.

      Some tips:

      - Use a screenshot from the game as a reference, and see if the character you're creating isn't too big or too small.
      - the walk should have 4 or 6 sprites (always even numbers)
      - 1 sprite getting hit, 1 falling while in the air and another one on the ground.
      - usually 2 sprite for the attack, 1 preparing the attack and another one hitting.

      If you need any help you can call me. Thanks!

    7. @Tru: OK, I will credit Chamat. Thanks Tru.

      @Maru: Thanks for the tips Maru. I always compare height of the sprite by using Cap or Cyclops if it's male char but for female char it's kinda tricky. Actually I did try making playable char, but my comic knowledge is limited so whenever I made something I often use Mugen Chars & Marvel Alliance spritesheet for inspiration. And I'm not confidence enough to offer Z some playable char that I made.

      @ZVitor: I finished Misty, where you want me to send her?

  10. misty has to hit em with that arm

    loved her back in the day with that fro and silver arm and bell bottoms

    1. Well, damn.. (there goes my money into the swear jar.. lol)
      I just made Misty shoot only, again my comic knowledge is limited so I just Google and see her with a gun. I'll add another attack for her. May as well making her one of my wip

    2. i'm sure z will like whatever you give him...she looks really good...but a simple punch will do...and z will just add the sound and damage value

    3. I mean why u think she dates iron fist...a lot in common...and that is far as I want to take that joke lol