Sunday, October 9, 2016

Special thanks and news

Thats what i love on this project, somes great guys which i never heard before come to help,
Jeff and Jhfer helped a lot on MFA1,

Warecus, a old mugen parthner joned on MFA2, and a hno.lobo did F4 and later guardians,
then around MFA2.7 Maru made possible Run to several chars and did lot of fixes and improvement on sprites, and still active doing new chars like herc

Now i have this guys:
- Tru2me87 - which started a mod of this game and now is given a lot of his cutom sprites to us, and still working, he did luke run..
- Suicidallovesong -  Another surprise, mantis... jessica.... you have no ideia how you made my day.
- Miru - (yea, its miru not maru) - he/she is doing  squirl girl
and of corse, lets not forget our kid Max, he will bring 14 more chars to roster.

this weekend my work as only at xmen path, testing difficult and time, my plan is to each path be around 25 min, this way game can be completed with max 1h:30min, only missing sebastiab shawn boss battle.

btw, i put nimrod at hellfire entrance and sebastian at cerebro room, and somes trap at x-mansion underground, like requested....
(selene i ripped from wolverine snes game, play that game again was more hard then sprite her myself)


  1. Cool looking stuff...hope find room for that stuff I sent you...I guess we formed a "ultimate" alliance...or first coming together for fun...on another note...maru..I saw the preview of herc...does he have his adamatine mace? Would be cool for at least one of his moves

  2. In conclusion, the game shall be renamed from "Marvel First Alliance" to "Spriter's Ultimate Alliance".
    And that is a good thing. :D

  3. Miru will also do Original Human Torch 1939.

  4. Ooooh look forward to fighting Selene. It's great so many are helping you out Z!

  5. don't forget that suicide made misty too...which i'm hyped for

  6. I also notice that the NaziBot enemy makes a human death sound. Could you change that?

  7. Muito bom! Legal ver a galera ajudando.
    Nessa armadilha, troca o sprite da sombra. Pq nenhuma sombra no jogo todo e transparente, só essa, manja? Só pintar de preto o círculo e boa.