Thursday, September 22, 2016

Updates of updates

2nd updates:
- One more important change was made, casual players which made videos of this game just dont use hadoukens, or special air attacks, now we have 6 buttons, so the special button (old hadouken) will made a special attack on air (that means no more up attack and down attack at air), to chars with 3 attacks atm: i will cut one move.

- Emma belly and new color to astral attacks:
- Her projectile hit multiple enemys
- More distance to run attack and air projections

-Colossus new run attack

-Magneto is a energy 5 char, the new full bar attack:

- Old projectile now stun enemys

1st update list:

fixes and updates:

- Front + bock of  agile=6 chars dont spend mana
(spiderman, quicksilver, nightcrawler, daredevil, psylocke)

- invencible after his teleports
- incressed range of block telport

- removed some of code resizes

- incressed sprite size of full energy beam

- air surf uses mana too

- incressed speed + run anim
- angry face

Human torch:
- added 2 punchs resprited to basics punchs
- new effects to fireballs
- new sprite to run attack
- incressed resistence do knockback when receive a burn attack, and gain mana

- Animated stance
- fews sprites added to Ultra move before spin
- new punch to grab attack

- incressed resistence do knockback when receive a enrgy attack, and gain mana

- fixed some black dot on sprites, now the chest emblem will be white at symbinte skin

Red Hulk:
- General Ross mode added, turn to red hulk at first hit

- incressed knockback of run attack
- change knockback direction of attack3

- no more bike help on radio
- bike help on Ultra

- Ultra dont consume mana (but only can be used if full)
- each hit you got at bike mode you lose a bit of mana, if empty you turn back to normal mode
- full blue costume new skin

Dr. Doom:
- energy 6
- with full bar his special is a full screen eletric beam
- regular special uses a eletric effect
- more range to his Ultra attack
- new colors to somes pallets
- incressed resistence do knockback when receive a enrgy attack, and gain mana

- New sprites to Ultra pose and effects
- more speed to run attack
- regular projectile freeze enemys


  1. that sounds like it going to effect cap I think, I don't want to loose moves...that's part of the fun

    1. Yeah, I think that all the characters that have combo in the air will get affected.. which is bad.

    2. warecus are you there can you reply my comments or also call z

    3. only affect chars which had 3 air attacks, now they have 2 too

  2. z hey I understand you do not want to put the skin of Gamora classic as the principal alternative Make this as skin and the idea of warecus( a few moves after death just a rising sprite a floating sprite and hand outstretched sprite for her to shoot projectiles.randomly she will resurrect as white or dark form

    but she would have to be super powerful with very weak defense like umvc3

    and gamora does have her classic with the pallette swaps didn't you see the all green and yellow eyes pal?) hope you make it reality . I hope you hear me

  3. and if you need sprites for phoenix I will get them for you

    1. sry, but i preffer claasic 90' jean, without fire moves

    2. ^ meaning NO... so stop pestering

  4. excuse me what I meant was that if you cannot put it as a main skin(gamora classic) put it as a pallete swap or a alternative skin

    1. gamora classic skin are there, check last video, but without cape

  5. and if you can add antivenom and hybrid to the game

  6. I thought her classic skin didn't have a cape...just the green body suit with the yellow raccoon eyes...if that's what you are looking for it's there in her pal

  7. hey z could you upload your live bug test...I missed a big chunk of it.

    1. you can see it at live playlist, i dont make it public bcause audio is horrible, is a boring video and in portuguese, brazilians viwers of my channel are around 30%

  8. Z, aqui os sprites da garota esquilo que eu falei na live, caso queira dar uma olhada e vê se da pra aproveitar:

    1. mvc :(
      dah trabalho adaptar e fica um pouco fora do estilo, tipo o quicksilver

  9. i think air attack still is good with up/down + attack. You can add new air attack for special button and i don't think remove one move in air attack is good.

  10. Já que vc tá repensando os air attacks, dá uma olhada na Tempestade... acho q ficaria melhor se ela flutuasse parada no ar enquanto usa o raio (tem vários chars q nem voam e fazem isso ou até pulam pra trás ao arremesar faca)