Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Changes so far....

By you demand, colossus armor mode added :)

fixes and updates:

- Front + bock of  agile=6 chars dont spend mana
(spiderman, quicksilver, nightcrawler, daredevil, psylocke)

- invencible after his teleports
- incressed range of block telport

- removed some of code resizes

- incressed sprite size of full energy beam

- air surf uses mana too

- incressed speed + run anim
- angry face

Human torch:
- added 2 punchs resprited to basics punchs
- new effects to fireballs
- new sprite to run attack
- incressed resistence do knockback when receive a burn attack, and gain mana

- Animated stance
- fews sprites added to Ultra move before spin
- new punch to grab attack

- incressed resistence do knockback when receive a enrgy attack, and gain mana

- fixed some black dot on sprites, now the chest emblem will be white at symbinte skin

Red Hulk:
- General Ross mode added, turn to red hulk at first hit

- incressed knockback of run attack
- change knockback direction of attack3

- no more bike help on radio
- bike help on Ultra

- Ultra dont consume mana (but only can be used if full)
- each hit you got at bike mode you lose a bit of mana, if empty you turn back to normal mode
- full blue costume new skin

Dr. Doom:
- energy 6
- with full bar his special is a full screen eletric beam
- regular special uses a eletric effect
- more range to his Ultra attack
- new colors to somes pallets
- incressed resistence do knockback when receive a enrgy attack, and gain mana

- New sprites to Ultra pose and effects
- more speed to run attack
- regular projectile freeze enemys


  1. Good changelog Big Z!!!

  2. change the sprites of gamora(original comic costume) and Phoenix(original comic costume)(change all her attacks and add it fire effects) please

    1. its about personal preference, thats why i got movie guardians and 90' x-men

  3. you do have the comics version of gamora in the pal select...I think he calls her phoenix is because he doesn't have the jean grey fonts...so it's not a full blooded phoenix...it's more interesting to have jean then have a last life phoenix because you can do more with jean than a flaming phoenix

    i'm confused about armor mode for colossus ...I thought he had something similar already with the way bullets bounce off...I thought that was cool enough but I guess bring us all the extras i'm not going to say no

    1. armor colossus:
      - more slow
      - more resistance to knockback
      - fast pain recovery
      - no jump
      didnt figured a way via code to make him shine, so i sprited it :)

  4. im stil all for a binary explosion for ms marvel like jean has a phoenix explosion

    but really I think the characters you have are great and the gameplay too...I am more interested in aesthetics like what cool things or effects or game play mechanics can be added to the game...because the stages feel a little static especially the water stage it feels like they are infront of the water and not in it. maybe some effects could be added to sky cycles to help this for the sky and water

  5. can you add the weapon x or berserker claw as wolverines super? that one jump slash is pretty weak. it be coo if he pulls the weapon x off and moves fast around the enemies hitting and killing them.

    1. wolverine are on of favorites on last pool, i have no plans to change him atm.

  6. Hey z I gave you another surprise...at imt check your pm

  7. Thanks 4 colossus improvement bro!!! :)

  8. Big Z...another thing...
    could you stretch a bit Thor's arm while punching???
    It seems like a T-REX :))

    1. i can do that, he have a new attack3, so i can use his old attack3 to be new attack1

  9. Big Z, I made a small donation to you, it's a beer, but later there will be others... ;)

  10. Ai sim! Faltava uma corrida no Hulk.