Sunday, September 18, 2016

One more "berserker" movie...

Should work simillar to wolverine and jean grey moves, btw, any ideia about which chars should have some kind of berserker/revive move?


  1. red and green hulk, moon knight, us agent idk

    1. also think iron fist, Elektra, gamora needs a nerve strike of some sort since they are top martial would work the same as bucky's arm or jubilee's attack that effects robots


      of course it would only work against non robots

      you could just add critical font above their head but it doesn't happen all the time just random

      thought more about berzerkers and here is my logic

      thor goes into bezerker/warrior madness in the comics

      beast has gone into feral

      archangel has blood lust because of the wings

      she hulks gets buffer while human she becomes buffer she hulk

      thing refuses to back down even when defeated so maybe he could get a strength boost after final life point knock out

      I said us agent because he use to be really unstable

      moon knight strength changes on moon cycle would be cool on night stages but he get different boost on personality

      we know darkhawk gets to switch places with human self and comeback fully charged

      radio should give juggernaut a force field

      would be cool if venom swallowed some non robot chars randomly for health boost...we want to eat your brains

    2. oh yeah maybe a recolored phoenix sprite that you use for jean's berserker/revive move could be used for Ms. Marvel's Binary revive

  2. Replies
    1. "yeap" but will "share" my "health status" yet, i will let u know whem im done with it ;)

    2. don't know for me or harb's sake feel better soon...I think?

  3. Big Z, I found an inconsistency in MFA2.
    Some chars are not able to land some enemies ( which can block attacks ) with their " SUPER move" This behavior is strange to see, because the " SUPER move" should be the most powerful attack that every char has.
    Could you check this behavior and eventually fix it??? :)
    Thanks B Z!!!

    1. thanks, will check it, i added block to few enemys at end of project, so didnt this tests.

    2. I remember Big your best as always... ;)

  4. MoonKnight comes to mind because his twisted personalities

  5. hulk's, moon knight, venom may be?
    what about playeble carnage?

  6. Moonknight ganhou poderes quando foi praticamente ressuscitado pela deusa Konshu, não foi?

    Segundo a wiki: As habilidades do Cavaleiro da Lua variam de acordo com as fases da lua. Durante a lua cheia, por exemplo,o Cavaleiro da Lua tem suas habilidades incrívelmente ampliadas, podendo, por exemplo, suportar um peso de duas toneladas e se tornar quase invisível. Além disso, ele possui alta resistência a ataques psíquicos e, ocasionalmente, recebe visões proféticas.

    Como a Jean, ele poderia "reviver" uma vez, e quem sabe até ganhar algo como a invisibilidade da MulherInvisivel por alguns segundos.

    1. Ou que tal, pra cada respawn que ele der, uma nova fase da lua/personalidade domina e ele ganha um special diferente. :)