Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Cosmic char poll


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  2. An apology

    Last year I was diagnosed with bladder infection and have to quit my job because of that. So yeah, life's kinda hard for me. I'm really sorry for not updating my current status. I have a lot on my mind being jobless and all. I feel ashamed too, so I don't visit this blog as I used too. I feel like that kid who all talk but cannot deliver.

    @Z & Maru : Thanks for crediting me, you don't know how happy I am when I see my nickname on your credit. I play a lot with my nephew & the new system kinda grow on you. You can chain & made cool combo. My nephew fave char is Squirrel Girl. He always play her even I told there's many new character in MIW (He plays MFA even though just a button smasher, always spamming special because he cannot do the "hadouken" but now on MIW he actually became good & he even can do forward 2x run)

    @Tru : I read your message at Chronocrash about Ant-Man. Would you be patience with me & let me try to finish him now that I begin spriting again.

    Well so there's this. A promise is a promise. Sorry it took so long.

    Thank you so much guys, for all the fun..

    1. Great!!! Suicida's among us again!!! ;P

    2. No problem bro sorry to hear the bad news for you hope things turn around for you soon if your open to commissions I could try to help you out a little great job on the sprite sheet btw bullseye looks great!

    3. @ suicidal looks great bro sorry about your job good luck and I wish you the best

    4. Thanks for all your help man,
      This new edits are great too. loved this Coulson.
      but health first, take care, and dont worry about any sprite.

    5. It's great to see you back here @suicidalovesong! I'm very sorry to hear about your health and current situation. I'm hoping everything will sort itself out very soon. I wish you the best as well!
      In any case, I don't think you need to worry yourself with apologies and such. You have no obligations here. If we appear to expect anything from you, it is only out of excitement and admiration of your amazing art. But "real life" comes first, even though it sucks sometimes.
      Besides, AntMan is so famous now it would be done sooner or later, by you or someone else. Your delay got us Nico Minoru, a character we'd probably never get otherwise, so it kinda worked out for the best. ;)
      By the way, Bullseye looks great. He was another classic that was missing. Hope z&m can put him to good use!

    6. Hey suicidalovesong!

      I'm sorry to hear that... I really hope you get well soon and start in a new and better job :)

      Sometimes in life things get crazy, but I know that it's going to be only temporary.

      And don't worry about the sprites man! We really appreciate everything you do, and don't need to feel ashamed about anything! That's the last thing you should think about. And please, come visit Z's blog when you can, so that we know that you're doing ok.

      Btw, awesome sprites as always :)

    7. Thanks guys for the kind words..

  3. Picked BlackBolt because Crystal wasn't an option.

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  6. First of all, thank you very much Victor, for creating such a exciting game like this one. I had never seen something similar and I really enjoyed to play it. About the new characters, I do have some suggestions, of course its up to you to analyse: ROM, Beta Ray Bill, Ares, Ant Man or Atlas, Warlock, maybe someone from Malibu universe? Rogerio

  7. I know you said it but I dont insist anymore(And even this is just a small suggestion) but you said that eddie was already in the game (as venom) but that if venom is removed from the game (in story mode) and replaced by antivenom(in the history mode).When I explain it before,Maybe you did not get it right, I'm not very good in English.Then you explain it in the story and in the other game modes (that are not canonical) you leave to venom

    1. Annoying: check, bad English: check, venom fanboy: check, insists even though Z said NO: check... now I wonder ...who you supposed to be....

    2. Yeap.. btw, he uses another profile as egor something...

      He makes the same grammatical mistakes everytime lol and probably thinks that people don't know it's him. Poor annoying kid...

    3. Hello everyone I feel that I have been doing things wrong and I receive a contemptuous treatment from some. If you feel that my comments are annoying I apologize

      I have learned to respect the decisions of others with regard to the game and I am only making SUGGESTIONS

      By the way Maru my name is max I'm sick of being called a kid.
      With respect to suicidal: friend that good is to hear of you I feel much what happened and I hope that all goes well for you.Your bullseye and your yondu were excellent still like this

      Z i will no longer insist more with antivenom I am very happy with the game (also with sentry and thanos) and I agree. I would like antivenom outside playable(It is possible that antivenom can enter the game in some way)

      I take it to clarify that venom is no longer eddie brock in the comics the new venom is called lee price here I leave you his biography

      You could say in the history that venom is now price and eddie became antivenom (if a miracle happens and you agree)

      This is just a simple suggestion and not a requirement and I say this to avoid misunderstanding.

      Other suggestions are

      Give him immunity to knocking and the ability to reflect bullets to sentry, thanos, hulk and other characters who desperately need him (As the case of silver surfer)

      You should change the npc of punisher and make it his ultra

      As sentry is the npc of mr fantastic will you leave it as your npc or replace it with another npc?

      Most radio npc need to have more hp because they are killed very fast and their help is not very effective

      The statistics of sentry must be the maximum in all areas (except the leader) because he is the most powerful hero of marvel (and his statistics are the same as in the comics)

      That is all

    4. Yeah whatever kid (cause you're actually a kid, and everybody knows). If nobody likes you, you did something to deserve it, and everything else you say from now on just perpetuate how annoying you're.

      Let me make this very clear and simple... your "suggestion" are not heard BY ME OR Z because of what you did before, so don't even bother replying this cause I won't give a single f**** about it.

  8. Aren't they basically the same char just a pal swap