Wednesday, January 11, 2017

MIW 1.05

Thanks for feedbacks,
fews changes to a quick update

- change spawn position of klaw and big sentinel on mansion
- removed invencibility from almost all bosses
- added new hulk grab special
- fixed how to play position
- reduced musics size (thanks ilusionist)
- added more range to SW basics
- removed Stryfe run anim
- reduced amount of enemys on cerebro room, and removed select char between cerebro and corridor.
- incressed delay time of somes shoters
- incressed damage of npc-players: banshee, strong guy and shatterstar
- more time to x23 counter
- if fail at xavier, you must repeat this level instead return to map pick
- one more pallet to hellfire guards


  1. Also X23 ultra needs an improvement, you already know that, but I already know that I will not be considered because I'm neverhappy

    1. Also less mana consume during special attacks will be appreciated...

  2. Poxa, eu tava gostando da invencibilidade dos chefões principalmente do Magus que deixava a luta final bastante desafiante

    1. E hj pela manhã com bastante sacrifício eu consegui derrotar ele sem ajuda de cheat

    2. Tem um macete pra derrotar ele fácil: usando o COISA é só vc mirar no verdadeiro Magus e ficar dando A+A+S toda hora, assim seu char não vai dar o Heavy Punch e derrubar o Magus (o que daria tempo dele se recuperar), o special reseta o combo, evita o heavy punch e também a sequência é rápida o suficiente para que ele não reaja e use algum golpe

    3. magus continua, e alguns chefoes como magneto, thanos......

  3. Kinda liked stryfe's I said if cable has one...stryfe definitely needs one

    1. hummm.... will try a different pose

    2. when you said you laugh with his run, i thougth you found it funny, not cool.

    3. Kinda both but it grew on me...maybe use a jump sprite for levitation and run

    4. It would be ok to be funny if stryfe were a comic character, but he's too evil for that.
      The jump sprites have a better alternative for levitation.

    5. Stryfe Could use a blue cape and blue eyes his most current look

      Also doc strange could use a lighter blue shirt and black pants pal

      Also z did the archangel new walk sprites not fit?

      And did the dash sprites for stryfe I made not fit

      And the levitation sprites I made for stryfe are in the char...u could use those...I think u used them in a transition or two so they are color fixed and coded cuz I see them when I pause the game sometimes

    6. archangel are save here, i should add later, current walk dont bother me, so it have low priority, because i still need to fix colors, and put wings, same to deadpool hang-glider, cannonball.......
      i didnt liked that run pose which you did, and cape movement there, i will arrange another pose later

    7. Probably go with the sprite where he is standing straight up and his arm are relaxed by his sides...I think the toes are pointed downward too....or just a jump sprite like be to said

  4. Hey, i tested that more and must say
    Strength type chars work normal with new system
    Agility chars... just why helpful attack use mp? that just killed all agility chars, that just must be free. or DD, Winter S and another guys, just usless now and if i wanna win, i dnt chose this guys. In mfa2 agility type my favorite and all time i like play for ws, gambit but here, just cant
    Energe/magical type chars suck more... they bad on melee fight and special attack so expensive. For example Dr. Strange = lose all credits. Special attack must use cheap mp, or not use (only for 1 attack, what so powerfull) and mp must recovery faster.
    I love mfa2 and i wanna play on mif, but now i just must chose one char and try win this game, without pleasure.
    And REALLY MANY GUN'S (new york and russia stage)
    Aroows in Assgard.
    Bosses: S. Show disbalanced, i cant combo on him a take damage for me anyway.
    Guy with pumpgun on new york stage, just, just i dont know, hes really bad.
    And final boss... i like fight with thanos it was an honest challenge
    The final boss here, as the whole game is artificially complicated, and simply dishonest.

    1. And i writen all this not because i bad guy and not because I do not appreciate the work of others. Just i really really big fan MFA2 and this only game what i play ( and mugen, also you can test my The Crow and Riddick on mugen). In release day, we with my friends gathered to play together, but this just... so we played MFA2 again=)
      I really love you work and try just try help fix problem.
      But if not, anyway i hase perfect mfa2 with balanced levels and characters, thank you=)

    2. i know man, all feedbacks are welcome.
      even when i dont agree, i like to see what everybody tink, sometimes i change my mind, like that invencibility to bosses, im removing it.

    3. Hey, that good update!
      Really that more playeble now, and more interesting, little fix, but good result!
      I think you have one good method which I think will suit everyone. Just make recovery MP faster for example x2 or x1.5 for all or characters whos used more spells that melee fight. (cyclop, dr strange, doom, magneto, gambit and another guys)
      What you tihnk?

  5. Could a metal sound be added to cables regular dash attack (when he punches with his straight metal arm) like bucky's...don't know if it's a bug or my cpu...does infinite credits crash crash mutant apocalypse?

    Finally I had a chance to play at length with ghost rider...he could use another the other chars...he feels like the same as mfa2 everyone else was changed in some way...maybe a dashing a or jumping chain attack with his can borrow from luke...or the nick cage fire ball sawed off or in the comics and mua he was able to throw pieces of chain that was similar to archangel feathers...maybe the flame summon could be full mana and the chain darts could be low mana

  6. Also I thought boss blinking added a little strategy idk maybe just me...and I definitely agree that x23 ultra takes more damage than its worth...maybe just make it a regular with less damage

    1. it become boring against bosses with a "army", like barracuda, modok.....

  7. Sorry last...all the playable x npcs show mutant power except shatterstar...maybe make his sword glow or something to show him channeling energy through the sword or a blast projectile

  8. The work never ends z lol im having fun with the game so far

  9. So how exactly can you beat Magus with characters that needs to rely on melee attacks? His punches are unblockable and he just heals back up after each more then the damage you can deal. Am I missing something? Because I am assuming you can beat him with every character no problem.

    1. i can beat him with x23, she-hulk.....
      obviously is nt same strategy of shoters, i use run attack and block.
      there is someone specific which you cant beat? so i can test....

    2. Well Dr Doom is one for example that I have tried last time and felt pretty hopeless.

    3. In my opinion Magus little bit went overboard. A little bit too much of a perfect boss. It is fine to be a boss that is hard to hit but he has absolutely no moments of weakness. There is no clear moment like yes that is obviously when I am supposed to attack. If you want him to have all of his current qualities exactly like this maybe you could give some kind of a move that leaves him open for a short time that could allow you to do combo on him safely. However you could also either remove his healing punches (you could give him maybe slow regeneration instead like what Thanos had) or make his punch blockable.
      To be honest I don't really get why you had to put in unblockable attacks in the game. I hate fighting the Ice Giants and the second form Blackheart because unless you can attack from a distance or you are Vision there is no way you can hit them close without getting hurt.

  10. Joguei rapidinho o story dos xmen e realmente melhorou bastante! Updates super bem vindos.
    Pretende fazer um poll pra saber oq o povo achou de cada mudança?
    Alias, o quanto vc ta disposto a fazer de updates?

    1. ainda é cedo pra poll
      no momento, pequenas coisas, correçao de bugs

  11. Problem with Stryfe's throw with some enemy

  12. Kenzo shut up annoying motherfucker fag. Little bitch

  13. Baixei agora mas não funcionou
    Mais alguém teve esse problema?
    Uso o Win XP, e o MFA2 funciona normalmente.

    Assinatura do problema:
    Nome do Evento de Problema: APPCRASH
    Nome do Aplicativo: MIW.exe
    Versão do Aplicativo:
    Carimbo de Data/Hora do Aplicativo: 57f13e17
    Nome do Módulo de Falhas: StackHash_0a9e
    Versão do Módulo de Falhas:
    Carimbo de Data/Hora do Módulo de Falhas: 00000000
    Código de Exceção: c0000005
    Deslocamento de Exceção: 00000000
    Versão do sistema operacional: 6.1.7600.
    Identificação da Localidade: 1046
    Informações Adicionais 1: 0a9e
    Informações Adicionais 2: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789
    Informações Adicionais 3: 0a9e
    Informações Adicionais 4: 0a9e372d3b4ad19135b953a78882e789

    Leia nossa declaração de privacidade online:

    Se a declaração de privacidade online não estiver disponível, leia nossa declaração de privacidade offline:

    1. cara, faz um teste bem maluco pra mim por favor,
      pega o executavel do MFA2, coloca na pasta do MIW, e tenta executar, nao sei se a engine que usei dá problema no windows xp

    2. Coloquei o MIW.PAK no MFA2 e funcionou .

  14. enquanto ao crash de Asgard com o Hulk vermelho?

  15. Z achei outro bug, se vc apertar o botão do Ultra ataque com o Apocalypse na fase de voo da Rússia ele buga e o tira sai do lado errado

  16. Duas coisas facinhas pra arrumar quando tiver tempo:

    Fênix não tem sombra. Ela tb não muda direção durante o vôo.

    Magneto e seu air attack conseguiram prender o Blackheart fora da tela (esquerda) no War Gems.

  17. Os cavaleiros do Apocalipse não aparecem no ultra dele em vários lugares no War Gems

  18. Glad hulk has been treated so nicely but no red hulk love

  19. No openbor do Android, o jogo logo abaixo do miw, na lista, dá erro e não abre