Monday, November 14, 2016

Blog posts

Hey guys, my kids are almost on vacations, and this week i have to help they with school, resume: few time to project, i will continue to work on projects, but will stop with blog posts, focus only at youtube videos, it should give me some few time, and also blog purpose are not helping a lot, i receive fews feedback about what i post here, and receive more "add this char" "add this npc" ... "make this npc playable" .... well, i receive it on youtube too, but at least youtube dont send me emails to each comment.
thanks for support anyway.


  1. i hope i didn't offend. i think we are all excited and come on i gotta be partial to my own creations...but in all honesty i think you have more than enough as far chars but what i think would benefit the game is the same as what beto said more or less is the aesthetics like background stuff...sound...enemy a.i. and gameplay which i can say is a lot more advanced now then it was in the first game...but i wonder how far the engine can be pushed...especially if you treat it like your mugen chars which you have to me been an innovator in this that is what i would like to see is that you bring that innovation to this arena

    take care of the fam and enjoy the holidays

    i look forward to the post and pics because it gets me through the day when my days are gives me something to look forward to when life pulls you down...

    and i saw your video with your's crazy man your daughter looks just like you

  2. Any chance for a playable Cloak and/or Dagger? Those two are coming to small screen on ABC channel as a new Marvel production:

    1. No more playable characters. We have about 76 playable characters and we won't finish the game this way since there is always one more character that someone wants.

      So the chances are 0. Sorry.

  3. Yo Z u dont need to worry!! People always get excited and want more and more!! Maybe if u lock the roster you will get rid of the headache of "add this" or "add that"!! Personally I am very pleased with the roster u have so far!! Keep up the great work!! I will be checking youtube for the new videos!! :)