Wednesday, November 23, 2016

English texts help:

Well, i explain the scene, and write basic ideia of it, plz try be short, small sentences are welcome:

1a. I feel something bad is coming

1b. we must protect gems and find last one

1c. go!

(after get 5 gems)
2a. i have the soul gem

2b. and now will be hell ruler

(after get 6)

3a. uhu!

3b. ops! (ignore thanos, will not be there)

3c. im the boss.

3d. deal with it.





4d. you will be stuck on my head for eternity

4e. fuck!


  1. 1c. So I need your help, go!
    3a. Yeah! Finally it's mine.
    3b. Not for long, Warlock!
    3c. Bow down before me
    3d. or get ready to face my army.
    4a. WHAT!? That's not possible!
    4b. This does not belong to you, Magus.
    4c. The gauntlet is very dangerous in the wrong hands.

  2. Eu escrevo demais, eu sei...

    I am Adam Warlock.
    I sense a great darkness threatning the Universe.

    The Infinity Gems have resurfaced.
    They cannot fall in the wrong hands.

    Heroes of Earth! I call to you...
    Recover the Gems and save us all!

    The Soul Gem is mine! With its power...
     ...Blackheart will finally be the ruler of Hell!

    The threat has been prevented.
    The Infinity Gems are now safe.

    No! The Gems are mine!

    Only I shall wield its power!

    Now all will bow before the might of Magus!

    NO! I will not be defeated!

    If you cannot be destroyed ...

    ... then you shall be contained.

    You will be trapped inside the Soul Gem for all eternity.


  3. 1) I am Adam... Warlock. For the last year, I have noticed an increasing hazard from the power of the Infinity Gems. Not in the hands of Thanos, but Magus.

    1b) You all must secure the Gems and collect them before they fall into his clutches. They lay all over the world, in some familiar places.

    1c) Heroes and villains, set aside your differences and discover... their power. Collect the gems to save the world from Magus's morbid curiosity.

    2) I now have the Soul Gem, take that Mephisto!

    2b) Now I shall rule over hell single-handedly!

    3) Now that we have secured the Infinity Gems ever-

    3b) Oops! Here comes Magus! I got em!

    3c) It's not only Hell I'M gonna rule over! One day, I'll trump Uatu and The One Above All!

    3d) But first I'm gonna knock you all down! All your lives are belong to Magus! Welcome to die!

    4) You can beat the Infinity Stones? How?

    4b) At least I'm st- Get off of them! The Gems are not yours, period!

    4c) You have no hope of beating ME, let alone the likes of The One Above All. Now for a suitable punishment for a terrible being like you...

    4d) You will become an adornment on my forehead, and be stuck like that forerver and ever and ever.

    4e) No! No, this isn't real! I'm telling on you to Dormammu, Shum-Aaaaaah!

  4. @beto...they cannot fall into the wrong hands

  5. I think 4e should stay the same lol Fuck!!!

  6. For the dual battle, Whirlwind and Madame Hydra need lifebars placed next to each other like Pyro and Blob, rather than an overlapping one.