Monday, November 28, 2016

English texts

Again, posted the ideias, need help with text.
it may happen before start each path....
Ronan Say something with power gem at his hammer.
(ronan sprite missing)

Lets invade asgard

system detected villains on base perimeter, lets defend gem

4. hellfire
lets invade x-mansion

i got time gem


  1. 1) With my space gem, I shall rule the cosmos!

    2) We will finish what Loki started. To Asgard!

    3) Notorious villains have been spotted on the perimiter. Looks suspicious. Let's kill them all!

    4) The Hellfire Club has breached the X-Mansion at last!

    5) I have found the Time Gem!

    Also, I noticed the flame-spewing drone robots don't set people on fire.

  2. Tem alguma prévia do char da X-23 meus amigos ?

  3. 1) Finally, with this space gem anyone will be able to defeat me!

    2) It's the time, don't make prisoners, let beat them all! TO ASGARD!!

    3) System Warning: Unexpected hostiles detected, the gem is compromised, defend it at all costs.

    4) Now all the mutants will bow the knee to the HELLCLUB!

    5) Oh, at the end you are mine, with the Time Gem i'll be unstoppable!

  4. 1) The Space Gem will provide us with the power necessary to bring the enemies of the Kree Empire to their knees!

    2) Asgard has shown weakness like never before. The time is ripe to bring it down. To battle!

    3) The enemy is at the gates Winter Guard. Mother Russia will never forgive us if we fail here. No mercy!

    4) As long as Xavier is alive they are not defeated. Nothing else matters. Capture him... Dead or Alive!

    5) A.I.M. will never be in Hydra shadow again. With the time gem i, M.O.D.O.K., am invincible!

  5. 1). You were foolish to oppose me. Your Power Gem is now The Kree Empire's!
    2). Asgard's defenders are absent and Odin slumbers. Our time to conquer Asgard is now!
    3). Winter Guard, prepare yourselves! We have intruders closing in on our headquarters. Defend that Space Gem at all cost.
    4). The time is nigh. With or without Jason Wyngarde, the plan is ready.
    5). The Time Gem is ours. S.I.E.L.D. has proven itself intellectually and physically inferior, as always.

  6. Quem é o cara de braços compridos junto com Selene e Shawn?

    1. loiro, com partes de metal e no clube do inferno
      tsc tsc tsc
      pensei que fosse x-fan

      pra vc ver! vou ter que devolver minha carteirinha do fã clube!

  7. Vai ter modok no jogo como vilão? Z, será que existe alguma possibilidade da madame mascara da as caras? das grandes vilãs da marvel ela é a unica que falta.

  8. Black Bolt, king of the Inhumans, you stand accused! You lack the power to wield the Space Gem. You shall be punished for your transgression against the Kree Empire.

    Go forth, my lovelies. While Odin slumbers, wreak havoc and bring the Reality Gem to me, the Enchantress, future queen of Asgard! Hahahahaha!

    Winter Guard, prepare yourselves! A number of super villains have been detected by our security surveillance. It is our duty to protect the Power Gem for our country.

    It is time! While the X-Men are busy, activate the Sentinel Program and launch the attack. The Inner Circle of the Hellfire Club will have the Mind Gem!

    Pathetic! My calculations predicted only 1.573% chance the forces of SHIELD could prevail against the superior intellect of MODOK, the Scientist Supreme of AIM! The Time Gem is mine! BWAHAHAHAHA!

  9. Ficou mto bom! Parece msm a fala dos personagens. Devia investir em fazer roteiros Beto :)

  10. Love the Hellfire Club!!! Love to see Emma there or maybe u can unlock it if u pass that stage!! For example in the start she could be a villain and when the stage is finished she could pass into the X-Men side!!