Saturday, November 26, 2016


After Item NPC, its time to finish Radio NPCs, so here a list atm, any switch?

load CapAmerica - Falcon +  Shield Agents
load NickFury         - Black Shield Agent +  Shield Agents
load RedSkull         - Crossbone + Evil Soldiers
load DrDoom - Doombots
load Magneto - Exodus + Acolytes

load MrFantastic - Sentry
load Banner - Sentry
load Cyclops - Strong Guy
load Storm - Bishop
load BlackPanther - Wakand Warriors
load Guardian         - Sasquatch
load DrStrange - Blackbolt

load Beast - Banshee
load EmmaFrost - Banshee
load BlackWidow - Black Shield Agent
load AgentCoulson - Black Shield Agent
load Starlord         - Nova
load Rocket - Nova
load Spiderman - Nova
load Vision - Wonderman
load MissMarvel     - Wonderman
load Ant-Man          - Wonderman
load Ironman - Hulkbuster
load Elektra - Hand Ninja
load RedHulk - Soldiers
load Apocalypse - Caliban
load Wolverine - Domino
load Cable - Shatterstar
load Stryfe               - Zero

load Shehulk - Tigra
load Wasp - Tigra
load Hawkeye - Tigra
load IronFist         - JessicaJones
load LukeCage - JessicaJones
load Daredevil         - JessicaJones
load War         - Shield Agent
load Quake - Shield Agent
load USAgent - Shield Agent
load Jean_Grey - Dazzler
load Archangel - Dazzler
load Quicksilver - Polaris
load scarlet witch    - Polaris
load Loki         - Asgard invader
load Thor         - Asgardians
load mystique         - Pyro
load Songbird         - Mach I

load DarkHawk - Speedball
load Blackcat          - Speedball
load Squirrel girl     - Speedball
load Deadpool         - Bob
load Shocker           - Bob
load taskmaster       - Bob
load Nightcrawler - Kitty Pride
load Colossus         - Kitty Pride
load Rogue - Kitty Pride
load Gamora - Mantis
load Drax         - Mantis
load Thing - Herbie
load InvWoman      - Herbie
load Punisher         - Microchip' van
load WinterSoldier - Evil Soldier
load Agent - Shield Agent

load Moon - none
load Hercules         - none
load Venom - none
load Carnage - none
load GhostRider - none
load Juggz - none
load Groot - none
load SilverSurfer - none
load Gambit - none
load Psylocke         - none
load Iceman - none
load HumanTorch - none
load Jubilee - none
load Hulk - none
load x23                   -none


  1. Are the chars with 1 leadership still using cannonball? If not I don't see him on the list.

    And for mean zero as in 0 help or do you mean agent zero? Are you using the same sprite I made for stryfe's flight ship ...might not be enough sprites unless you have him teleport around instead of walking

  2. Trocaria o evil soldier do Soldado Invernal pelo Falcão

    1. eh que ele vai estar no time dos bad guys.

  3. Carnage could have Agony and Lasher.

  4. Or maybe any member of Sinister Six for Carnage, Venom and Shocker

  5. You know I was thinking about when you asked about those be server or come back to life when close to death or dead like Jean grey might be cool to give that to nick fury ...when it on last time before death his body explodes to reveal it was a life model decoy and he reappears...could work similar to arkady's version of nick fury

  6. And maybe nick fury could get coulson or colby or Maria hill...the agents kinda get the butts kicked...or his helper could get a gun like punisher gets but it would be the gun he has during the events the one who sit upon the wall where he protected the earth from everything in secret

    1. this post is more to talk about changes like "kitty to psylocke" .... "none to colossus"

  7. Replies
    1. no toad, my plan to him was to MFA2 update, but i will not do any update on this mode.... because i know me, if i start with one.... will be a lot of changes

    2. Damn...that means no sk...or sauron either...on another note you could use some more bosses from looking at the seems a lot of space or time is dedicated to fighting enemies or reused bosses like nebula and omega red...which omega red is being used by the good guys on Russia stage to fight for them? Kinda lost on that one

    3. is more easy to get help on heroes and npc then villains, so reuse boss is better then leave this places emptys, your sauron sprites are really great, but you didnt asked if he fit before do all sprites, same to gladiator and longshot...
      to justify omega-red i want to edit that top part of stage with a prison cell door broken... i didnt made that because if i do a criss dynamo then he replaces omegared, if not, edit stage.

    4. yeah I thought mystique toad and sauron were going to be brotherhood bosses at the manaion but maybe you were talking about mfa2...and shadow king was for apoc mode and I thought you wanted longshot...ohh well...i'm sure the game will be very fun regardless

    5. what i was tryng to say is to plan with me before sprite something, this way you not sprite something to be unnused, btw, shatterstar was a nice surprice, but only way to make him fit was removing domino to cable.
      and shatterstar has none color issues, thanks for that.

    6. @warecus I was thinking the same thing Z told you... since he needs to adjust the roster and follow his initial plan, I always ask him first before do anything , cause I don't know if he needs what I want to sprite.

      @ Zvitor some parts that needs a little "explanation" I was thinking that you could use the same thing that you did for the antman's tutorial. I don't know if that's something hard to do, but I believe it's easier than do a full screen sprite only for that (and I love this little conversation between characters and the players)...

    7. @maru, you mean the tutorial? It could be Deapool doing the explanation now. Hank Pym would start the explanation than Deadpool would come in and be like "alright, mr giant insect whatever jacket dude, I'll take it from here. Let's do this quick, ok? No one reads this Sh#^% anyway. Here's what the buttons do, now let's kick some bottoms! Yeah!"

    8. Ah, forget it. I misunderstood what you said (though the deadpool tutorial I was going to suggest anyway).

      As for what you *actually* said, yeah, I agree, but I also like the way he did mefisto's "get the power gem", with the speech balloon. It's the same thing, but more comic'y.

    9. Yeah that's what I meant. But you actually guessed what I was going to do with the tutorial lol. It's going to be like you said, but instead of he saying anything, I'm going to do one frame with deadpool crushing Antman while walking (not on purpose ... maybe? Lol) and then he grabs the script that will fall from his body and start the real tutorial but as deadpool would.

      As for what I was thinking for the writing, I believe I'm going to show the buttons, including fly/dodge and also the stats/ changes in general. Cause I think that nobody understands that... (explain that power is related to strength and range related with energy projection/ guns, also what that little bars bellow the stats, like ironman and GR).

    10. Really? I guessed it right? DO I GET A PRIZE???

      I could see him using his ultra animation but carrying a giant fly-swatter to squash Ant Man. By the way, he should be refered as Hank Pym, if Ant Man really becomes playable.

      And yes, those things need an explanation. But like you said, no one reads anything, so Deadpool could make fun of that.

      Also, after showing what the stats mean, he'd probably say something like "What?!? Who wrote this Sh@#$? Everyone knows I'm the best. These stats are all wrong! I'm calling the Mouse's lawyers to sue these guys..."

    11. If there's anything done on him, maybe have him assist in Russia like Shana did in the Savage Land.

  8. Mas e o Pigmeu? Era o meu NPC favorito. Pensa com carinho nele hehe. Valeu cara, e parabéns pelo jogo.

    1. Não aparece mais no radio..... aparece toda vez que o guardian começa um mapa ou renasce :)

    2. does cannonball appear that way too...and what is difference for helpers if all get just one helper besides cap and the rest

    3. there are differnce on attack and life of helpers,
      on lvl 6 you have quantity
      to lvl 2 to 5 there are difference between life and attacks.
      i tink cannonbal is out, i did starfire, coded her, but she is out too, atm, because it is useless

    4. Use them as stage helpers, like when DrStrange, SilverSurfer, Namor and Xavier did a joint attack on last stage of MFA. Cannonball would work well on Protect Xavier level, and Starfire would be cool on bridge level.
      (Cannonball zigzag in and out of screen and then hit his head somewhere and fall to the ground with stars on his head :) )

    5. I agree with Beto that they should be stage-only helper characters.

    6. For Firestar, I could see her (and maybe an ally version of Morbius) appear in Maximum Carnage for completion's sake, as they were in the original game.

  9. Sei q não é bem oq vc queria ouvir pq seria mais código pra fazer, mas.... Squirel Girl tem que chamar o Tippy Toe, o esquilo(a) com um lacinho rosa dela... alias, seria legal se ela pudesse chamar mais um monte de esquilos junto com eles. :)

    O Loki podia chamar várias ilusoes dele mesmo. "I can handle it"

    A blackcat eu tiraria o helper.

    Iceman eu colocaria a Polaris (assim pelo menos um x-men chama ela no estagio deles, já q no Story mode o quicksilver e a scarlet witch estao com os vingadores)

    Shocker podia ser o Sandman - acho q é o único Sinister Six q nao está no Story Mode do MIW, e o Shocker teria moral de chamar. Doc Ock? Não! Green Goblin? Não também! Se bem que... Hmmmm... sandman vai causar confusao no replay do MFA, pois ele é boss lá. Alias a mystique chamar o pyro tb causa esse problema. Maaaaaaas, o carnage tá lá de boss de estágio e tb é jogável então, fica a vontade.

    O Puck vem junto com o Sasquatch? Pq eu achava essa uma das coisas mais legais do Guardian (q eu chamo de Vindicator :P ).

    1. não sei como vão vir os sprites da garota esquilo, mas pro radio eh o speedball pq foi o primeiro namorado dela, (pela minha pesquisa de 2 segundos)

      - pensei nas ilusoes, mas seria pedir ajuda a ele mesmo.... o ironman faz sentido pq pede ajuda ao satelite que manda a armor.
      - shocker eh um bosta de vilão, nao pode ter liderança alta, só tah no projeto pq jeff insistiu, e no começo qualquer um era bem vindo.

      - o puck não vem com radio, jah vem direto com o guardian sempre que ele entrar em uma fase ou renascer.

    2. Nao sabia dessa conexão com o Speedball, gostei da decisão. E de certo vai ter um monte de sprites de esquilos para os especiais da SquirelGirl - esse é o poder dela, né? E contanto que um deles tenha um laço rosa estarei contente ;)

      Agora, o Loki não chegaria a usar o radio, seria como o juggernaut q destroi o aparelho pq "eu faço melhor". As cópias dele são pra "provar pra todo mundo" que ele nao precisa de ninguém (muito emo? Kkkk). As cópias podiam morrer fácil, mas seriam várias.

      Pô, coitado do Puck! E Guardiam vai ver o amigo morrer toda fase e mais um pouco? Traumatizante! Kkkkkk

      Alias, se Guardian morrer primeiro, o Puck morre/desaparece junto, ou continua na tela?

      Eu nem me importava se Shocker nao tivesse helper.