Sunday, November 27, 2016

Someone are making Ronan?

lol, i cant remember, i belive someone are making him, but is so much info on my head, and im not sure if someone are really making him or if im waiting for nothing.
right now he are the only essential villain missing.
I dont want to push, just checking, because if no one are making, i could do him.


  1. I could try to get him done for you I'll send executioners sprites to you tomorrow just have to add his walking animation to his sprite sheet right now he doesn't have a falling animation I can send it to you later if you'd like

    1. also what style would you prefer for ronan his comic design or the guardians movie design?

    2. like i said, i cant remember, lets wait to see if suicidal reply, maybe he have something done.
      but to me, any version are welcome.
      nice info about executioners, im working on morbius.

  2. Cool any other villains you wanted to include before the release? Villains are actually easier to create because they require less animations as heroes

  3. alright ill start tomorrow and keep you updated

  4. That sounds awesome!!