Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Next step...

Im back boys and girls,

Here a status of wips on hold:
- Justice League vs Street Fighter:
Dont need so much for his first release, but im tired of this one, im at MVC mood
- Green Lantern Project:
Canceled? Not yet, i just cant start a full game project while another still in progress.
- Marrow
Started her to XSC 2, but it became another game and she was out, so no motivation to finish her atm.
- Songbird
Gate let me finish her, but i want he back to do her custom effects and missing sprites
- Martian Manhunter
Was just to see Navs sprites in game, and bring some motivation to him do more sprites.
- Indigo-1
Hard base, and i need more reference to her powers, she dont made constructs?
- Sinestro Corps Predator
Im sure he will be fun, but im not so much excited with lanterns like when i stared him, indigo and GL project
- Capitão Ninja
Mugen comunity have a lot of brazilian creators, so somes guys "started" a project only with brazilian heroes, i pick my hero, started him, but others didnt show progress, so i lack motivation to do him, but i will someday even if project dont happens because i really like him.
- Deathstroke

Planed updates:
- Green Arrow:
Waiting for Sei to do more sprites
- Pyro:
Arkady added some cool stuffs to him, now i need to add fews more moves to finish him.
- Mr Fantastic:
I finished Mr. Fantastic sprites yesterday, but Fenrril already released a update recently, so i will hold this one to another day, FAQ: "He will be update of last CC Version?"
They 1.8 version is really more solid then my last 1.1, but like all my overall updates (aquaman, green arrow, miss marvel), i will start him again, i know some players still keep my old green arrow version, so maybe this players will like to keep 2 reed too, they should play different and i know some players will miss the team hyper on my next version.

"Nice story broo... but....who is next?"
I will start somes of new wips at my table,  they should not be finished soon, but i will start it anyway...
Somes friends offered they chars to me code, so i have some cool options at my hand, when i announce next one, dont be so excited to get it soon, they are not complete yet, like Martian, i will start to remove dust from sprites and try bring motivation to spriters continue it....

Sunday, July 28, 2013


Today i sprited a bit... it may be my return? Lets see.... will post if it become anything solid......