Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Everything which im doing right now is so boring, so i will skip somes stages, like asgard and atlantis.
this leves was at my plans to part 2, but now i will not do part 2 like other mode,
i will add 2 more stages to conclude original story.
game had 27 levels, so far now it have 34 (without count the levels of 2 extra stages of thanos and blackheart), and with all new projects features, im sure play mfa levels again will not be a boring experience.

prison break stage is done, added water movement at background, a prision basement level, and removed Sentry from cells, but still have to add all custom pain/fall anims to enemys here.

will try finish SHIELD stage this weekend, then i should try code the missing chars and i hope it bring some animation to finish this game.

release: some day at january.... maybe.

other changes,
red hulk power to 6
gambit range to 5
venom power to 5 (nowsdays i was watching spiderman ultimate ans playng marvel lego and he looks so much strong then at my comics time)
us agent power to 5

Friday, December 13, 2013

Street Levels

Street Leves done, and TRex added:

3 More stages to finish Part 1....

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Savage Land

New feature, chars with Range 5 and 6 have a better D, DF, F + A when mp bar is full, check cyclops beam at video.
and if hold up or up+forward he shot beam at other diretion.
Chars com range 5 e 6 tem um hadoken mais forte se a barra de mp tiver cheia. dá pra ver o raio do cyclope maior no video.
e se segurar cima ou cima+frente, ele muda a direcao do raio

Friday, December 6, 2013

Bad news

Sorry foi any expectation about a xmas release, but it will not gonna happen, after finish chars update im doing stages and enemys updates, and it will demand more time then i planned, no demo or betas, because i want to release final thing complete. January? i hope so....cya.


Foi mal pela promessa de lançamento no natal, mas não vai dar certo, depois de finalizar os updates dos chars, eu comecei o dos stages e dos inimigos, e vai demorar mais do que eu planejei, sem lançamento de demo ou betas eu quero lançar a porra toda completa. Janeiro? espero que sim ...flw
... Aproposito, checando o dados do blog, vi que, diferente do youtube, aqui tem mais BR do que gringo, então vou postar em português aqui.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Somes fan requests:

- female thugs

(miss marvel absorve her energy blast shot)

- fire trail