Monday, January 1, 2018

2017 Review

Hey guys, sorry for lack of posts or news, dezember and january usually are months to spend with my kids , i want to share some thoughts about this last year,
We have a nice start with release of Marve Infinity War, i received good feedbacks, and was nice to see others sites divulging the game, and somes youtubers playing it, so i thoutgh, maybe, i could do it more professionally and less like a hobby, and i tink i did it on best way possible, did another game (DC one), did a nice progress on 2 mugen chars, and started the RetroGamer Project, my goals are not do more money, i was looking for hit more public, get more followers and that suffs.
But i tink in end, it was bellow my expectations, maybe this games styles are not for everyone, dont worry, i will not change my style or stop to do what i do, i just saying 2018 will not be so productive like 2017, i will start this year without goals or metas, will just do what i do for fun.

Anyway, happy 2018 to everyone here.