Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I cant do it....

I just cant do anything on MUGEN atm guys, lack of enthusiasm are really big, i open fight factory and looks like a boring thing to do, and im here to get fun, right? Sorry MUGEN fans, so let me return to MFA and code some of this great sprites which Maru is doing.....

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

MFA3 plans updated

So looks like we have a plan, and i will not keep surpirses this time,  because i want to know what people here tink, you guys already beat game at mfa, again at mfa2 and im sure dont care about do it again :)

---------MFA 3 Plan-----------:

- Star Lord
- Gamorra
- Drax
- Rocket
- Groot
- Scarlet Witch
- Silver Surfer
- Apocalypse
- Loki
- Mystique

New modes:
- Apocalypse
- Villains
- Return of MFA Danger Room
- Hell -- not confirmed --

Story mode changes:
- move strong guy to canada
- unlock cable at jungle
- unlock scarlet witch at sentinel factory
- add Caliban NPC to replace strong guy at sewer
- unlock mystique at thunderbolts part
- add one more map at space stage, using dathbird like boss
and unlock here silver surfer and guardians of galaxy
- and loki and apocalypse will be avaliable at somes modes after beat game.
- (and remove that cable part of ending)

New npcs:
- to apocalypse special: death(caliban), war(deathbird), plague(girl on a floating horse) and famine(pallet swap of plague) to be horsemen (also sub-bosses of apoc mode)
- nova to be radio of star lord, gamorra and rocket
- pyro to mystique
- apocalypse and loki radio should be minions from they modes
- scarlet witch uses acolytes like quicksilver
- drax, groot and silver surfer with 1 to leadership

New item npcs:
- forge
- warlock
- (removing silver surfer and scarlet witch, but will keep Loki)

Updates on old chars:
- really few changes here, maru did somes fixes, but i will not spend so much time on this chars, must of time on MFA2 was updating MFA stuffs.