Wednesday, November 30, 2016

new spriter helping on project :)

Monday, November 28, 2016

English texts

Again, posted the ideias, need help with text.
it may happen before start each path....
Ronan Say something with power gem at his hammer.
(ronan sprite missing)

Lets invade asgard

system detected villains on base perimeter, lets defend gem

4. hellfire
lets invade x-mansion

i got time gem

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Someone are making Ronan?

lol, i cant remember, i belive someone are making him, but is so much info on my head, and im not sure if someone are really making him or if im waiting for nothing.
right now he are the only essential villain missing.
I dont want to push, just checking, because if no one are making, i could do him.

Saturday, November 26, 2016


After Item NPC, its time to finish Radio NPCs, so here a list atm, any switch?

load CapAmerica - Falcon +  Shield Agents
load NickFury         - Black Shield Agent +  Shield Agents
load RedSkull         - Crossbone + Evil Soldiers
load DrDoom - Doombots
load Magneto - Exodus + Acolytes

load MrFantastic - Sentry
load Banner - Sentry
load Cyclops - Strong Guy
load Storm - Bishop
load BlackPanther - Wakand Warriors
load Guardian         - Sasquatch
load DrStrange - Blackbolt

load Beast - Banshee
load EmmaFrost - Banshee
load BlackWidow - Black Shield Agent
load AgentCoulson - Black Shield Agent
load Starlord         - Nova
load Rocket - Nova
load Spiderman - Nova
load Vision - Wonderman
load MissMarvel     - Wonderman
load Ant-Man          - Wonderman
load Ironman - Hulkbuster
load Elektra - Hand Ninja
load RedHulk - Soldiers
load Apocalypse - Caliban
load Wolverine - Domino
load Cable - Shatterstar
load Stryfe               - Zero

load Shehulk - Tigra
load Wasp - Tigra
load Hawkeye - Tigra
load IronFist         - JessicaJones
load LukeCage - JessicaJones
load Daredevil         - JessicaJones
load War         - Shield Agent
load Quake - Shield Agent
load USAgent - Shield Agent
load Jean_Grey - Dazzler
load Archangel - Dazzler
load Quicksilver - Polaris
load scarlet witch    - Polaris
load Loki         - Asgard invader
load Thor         - Asgardians
load mystique         - Pyro
load Songbird         - Mach I

load DarkHawk - Speedball
load Blackcat          - Speedball
load Squirrel girl     - Speedball
load Deadpool         - Bob
load Shocker           - Bob
load taskmaster       - Bob
load Nightcrawler - Kitty Pride
load Colossus         - Kitty Pride
load Rogue - Kitty Pride
load Gamora - Mantis
load Drax         - Mantis
load Thing - Herbie
load InvWoman      - Herbie
load Punisher         - Microchip' van
load WinterSoldier - Evil Soldier
load Agent - Shield Agent

load Moon - none
load Hercules         - none
load Venom - none
load Carnage - none
load GhostRider - none
load Juggz - none
load Groot - none
load SilverSurfer - none
load Gambit - none
load Psylocke         - none
load Iceman - none
load HumanTorch - none
load Jubilee - none
load Hulk - none
load x23                   -none

NPC Item

NPC Item done:

Like i said before one to each "team" (path).

Namor to Avengers.

Xavier to X-Men: 

Cloack&Dagger to Marvel Knights: 

Mephisto to Villains: 
(Thanks Maru for sprites)

 Moon Dragon to Space guys:
(Thanks Warecus for sprites)

Thursday, November 24, 2016

Live Today

One more test on MFA mode are necessary, grid code is done and i want to test if continue will bugs, and if 2 life + 9 continues are enough, and how boring shuld be change char only when die.
right now are 20:00 here, i should start 22:30...

All cut scenes done and in-game.

didnt found a nice pixeled font at ms word, so i did on hardcore way, using one of my favorites fonts copy&paste each letter, but i like it :)

Thanks guys

Any fix before i use game font?





Wednesday, November 23, 2016

English texts help:

Well, i explain the scene, and write basic ideia of it, plz try be short, small sentences are welcome:

1a. I feel something bad is coming

1b. we must protect gems and find last one

1c. go!

(after get 5 gems)
2a. i have the soul gem

2b. and now will be hell ruler

(after get 6)

3a. uhu!

3b. ops! (ignore thanos, will not be there)

3c. im the boss.

3d. deal with it.





4d. you will be stuck on my head for eternity

4e. fuck!

Sunday, November 20, 2016

All maps coded

Now all gems are coded and all gates working, also 4 maps to hell and 2 to final stage
(just need to put enemys there)

Team select to hell

 Team select to final mission


 I will not give details about boss battle, but im sure you Thanos is piece of cake if compare with Magus

next step is cut scenes, i will need a huge help here with english texts, will post all soon. 

Friday, November 18, 2016

Cursor and Grid code done

Villains path

Street Path 

Deadpool mode: 

Asgard path: 

Space path: 

Cap and Avengers mode: 

X-men mode: 

All select screen: 


Hellfire path: 

Maximum Carnage mode: 

grid and cursor done, that mean: No more chars.