Thursday, November 27, 2014

Arrow video and Page

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Arrow progress

I have all basics attacks and specials done + 2 hypers.
1 intro + 1 winpose.

one question, im doing arrows like hawkeye' arrows at mvc3, which looks like energy shots, what you guys tink about it? i will try show at one video soon after 2 more hypers done.

(so far dont know what Electro is cooking for Reed, so no plan to his release until its done)

Sunday, November 23, 2014



Im almost done to finish Sei sprites, im inpired by Injustice game to plan his moves.

edit: im spriting his missing air attacks and crounch attacks

Friday, November 21, 2014

Projects status:

- Mr. Fantastic is almost ready, but Electro (a spriter), want to do some custom stuffs to him, so i will hold release while he show what he have...

- Sei will not return to finish Green Arrow, so i started to sprite his missing moves

- Gate will not return to finish Songbird effects, so i started my effects resource for her (it not consume my creation time because usually i do it at work, dont tell to my boss)

- XFields want to revive projectX, so maybe i could update 1 or 2 X-chars by Arkady

- Predator and indigo, my excitament with lantern projects is gone, maybe when i revive it i return to finish this wips.

- Martian manhunter, his spriter, Navs, is a doctor,  he are traveling world doing lectures about hepatitis, after save world he will back to finish him.

- Captain Ninja, some brazilians contacted me years ago about do a project with brazilian heroes, i said great, then various creators got different heroes, and looks like i was the only which did some progress, so lack of motivation here, i tink i will make a opebor with him,.... in a far far future.

- Poison Ivy, harbinger still have some basics to do, and im still looking for effects for her at my resources... we have enough for a cool video, but harbinger want to keep surprise.

- JLvsSF, i have enough for his phase 1 release, maybe january, need fixes, few sounds, small adjustments, i was checking my youtube and i didnt made a super-cyborg video, dont know why....

- also i have plans to Warmachine, i though about a special mode to ironman, but maybe i make it a new char... not sure.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Mr. Fantastic preview

Still need more polish, im a bit rusty, but we can see his moves changes.
also didnt finished sound and hitsparks align yet.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

MFA2 last news....

I see people get excited because my focus are on mugen, dont worry, it still on mugen, but just one cool news about MFA,
at 2012, 2 months after MFA 1 release, one guy coming from nowhere, and gave me all F4 sprited:
well... he returned, and sent to me DRAX and GAMORA!!!! and will do Star Lord and Groot, thanks hno.lobo!
now... back to Reed, video tonite, release this weekend......

Monday, November 17, 2014

What's next?

So much possibilities,
Another BOR?
Mugen projects?
I tink i will go with something easy, like Reed update, i have no ideia where i stopped and what is missing.....

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Survey 2.0

Thanks for all fast feedback guys, maybe i release one  or two more versions on next day, but only if happens some serious bug, anyway its out and now is time to center feedback at one survey,

2 promisses,
- i will remove VERSUS & Friendly fire if it win at survey.
- i will add the winner of must requested char.

Edit: survey always was great to me,  help me to see overall thoutghs about game, but looks like this time with this promisses, it was not a good idéia, i had check it and "hey, great already have more entry then last one" then i see requested question and one char after one day become top, i go check and all his votes have same IP.... So  all other questions are also over voted  by him.... I will check if i can remove votes by  IP,  damn, we try make something cool here.....  

Monday, November 3, 2014

MFA 2 version 2.7

update: 2.72

- Added Iceman and Darkhawk to Asgard
- Fixed Space Silver Surfer Beam
- Added uppercut to arhcangel run attack
- fixed Save at hard mode
- New walk to agent of shields
- fixed moon knight boomerang layer
- fixed marvel item layer

update: 2.71

- new run attack to cable
- fixed jean voice at cable
- 2 ump attacks to vision
- enabled option to remove friendly fire, but it dont work to 100% of attacks
- fixed atacckone of part of cable combo
- default DF+A of cable pull changed to push
- wolverine attack added to DF+A at claw mode too
- shehulk leadership incressed to 3
- changed order of x-men missions to avoid fall of xavier at cyclops stage
- incressed time of emma special

version 2.7 updates:
- new chars Iceman and DarkHawk added to game
- added to story mode: more 1up itens and more life orbs.
- Incressed points value to gain life to 100.000.
- added cloak/dagger and scarlet witch like item npc
- new npcs: Shadowcat, Wonderman, Dazzler, HERBIE and Blade
- several changes at leadership chars status to fit it
- added friendly fire to make 2, 3, 4 players game more dificult
- added VERSUS mode, just a clean room to fight against your friends.
- cheats can be enabled at options
- added items, radios to extra modes
- radio added to danger room to test your leadership there.
- added knockback resistence to though enemys
- 1 sec of invenciblility after knockback to all chars 
- double value to healing factor, and work at idle and walk
- added air jump control (right - left) to agility 3-4 (it may help at holes on 2d levels)
- changes at nebula and dr.doom AI to control they off screen time
- added a HUD element to show when you have the MARVEL item
- no more pause at ant-man texts
- fix english text errors
- reorganized char grid, and somes changes at roster of special modes
- story mode restricting chars at some missions
chars changes:
- vision had a new jump attack and special, also his grabattack make robots shock other enemys.
- added arrow to hawkeye run attack and incressed hawkeye speed of shot arrows anims.
- new anim to hawkeye jump.
- Ironman have a better DF+A when MP bar is full and hulkbuster armor replace stealth armor.
- add pain to archangel projectiles and incressed his run speed and distance of his dive attack.
- replaced wolverine F,F+A  multi-hit to a knockback attack.
- replaced no-claw-wolverine special  to multi-hit attack.
- incressed invisible woman default attacks range.
- incressed wasp projectiles range and added knockback to her dive.
- incressed mr.fatastic basic attacks range and speed.
- new attack to nick furry run attack, and old become his attack2.
- incressed shot speed of nick fury gun mode.
- Nick special at gun mode is summon a agent.
- fixed jubilee radio sound.
- punisher revamp with several moves changes.
- cable is no more a shooter, he have regular punchs, so change shots to be other moves.
- blackcat walk on her special.
- incressed range of emma projections.
- new grabattack2 to beast.
- jump 4 to black panther.
- added grabattack to spiderman, cap america, beast, miss marvel, black panther and venom