Saturday, May 31, 2014


Somes previews of new light/shadow effects:

And with this talk about Healing Factor, Cyrus/bloodbane sugested do it to villains,
so  Sabretooth added (Sprites by Flavio Arruda)

F4 video tomorrow

Thursday, May 29, 2014

50% of sounds

26 of 52 Heroes ready.

usually sounds for heroes are:
- a unique die sound for each hero.
- some "iiiiaaaa" when does knockback and/or run attack
- some line for his special, like cyclops "target acquired", captain "final justice" or ironman "fire"

 it is not for all, somes dont say nothing.
ironfist have 3 kinds of "iiiiaaaa" to his basics.
and deadpool say a lot of shit, he have 9 random lines while stand, and 9 others when does a knockback attack.

and more changes,

added more light/shadow filters to some stages.

there are some mid bosses and npc which i didnt show yet, so will try keep some suprises to people which follow project here.

before life 5 was health = 300 and 6 was health = 320,

now 5 and 6 are = 300,
but 6 are the ones with healing factor, works simillar to x-men 2 clone wars,
when life is almost over, you can recover some amount if you stand.
chars with it are:
- deadpool
- wolverine (without claws you recover more fast... because.....i want)
- hulk (so if you survive like Banner and stand for a while, you transform back to hulk,
So if hulk get one hit he turn back to Bruce? No, Hulk transform if life < 30, and Banner if life > 60)

it may look cheap...but not so much, because you cant stand if there are enemys at screen.

also more changes to wolverine,
berserker mode, 1 time per life he have a chance to enter at berserker after get knockback when low life,
then he does somes fast uncontrollable attacks.
and when he are without claws, and you do D,F+A(to change to claws mode) he does breackout attack.

unfortunately, im still without internet at my home, (14 days), so i cant show any picture or upload videos.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Not so boring...

Good news....
the boring part are not so boring after all....
and im enjoying do it.

All villains done.

10 of 52 done.

Looks like release will be at begin of july...

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The boring sound part...

Started the long road to sound fixes,
So far i did villains A to D,
after villains i will do NPC and Heroes,

but i have 4 more videos to do before game release and it helps keep followers entertained.
- F4 mode
- For asgard
- Cable
- Game trailler

while i update sounds im also doing final adjustments, like add  diamonds throws to diamondback and drones explode after defeated...

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Somes screens....

Some time without post screens so let me show some new ones,
Asgard with enemys, 2D wargems' doom castle for Fantastic Four, Loki by Maru (thanks bro),
and a new sewer level added to story mode, just because i had a nice ideia to put somes enemys there.....(surprise)

and a new video:

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Hell is ...canceled

no, im not a bipolar person.

why it is canceled:
- my main goal with hell mode was made somes levels where i could spam ton of enemys and make it hard as hell to beat, but it was what i did with Asgard mode.
- maps at end didnt looked good, so i will not add it just to have one more mode.

so ... remakes are done,
what is missing:
- cable
- final adjustments
- add missing sounds

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Hell in progress.

it will have 5 levels,
already did maps, and now working on enemys,
will post screens soon