Thursday, January 29, 2015


While i keep some progress of mugen private, let me share results of MFA last pool,

- Worst and Best chars are more ballanced.
which is nice, jubilee and wasp lead worst, just like i planned, because both are purposely the waekest , and newcomers always lead best iceman and ironman(thanks to hulkbuster i belive), wolverine 3th, he got a nice update.
only on thing to change after see this results is:, nightcrawler, he was one of best of mfa 1 and now 8th at worst, so he diserve a update.

- i will keep versus mode and friendly fire at game.

remove it - 42%
keep it - 41%
i dont care - 17%

- Apocalypse lead the pool to be playable, and he will.... second place is dr. strange, so i will not promiss him....
at begin i was: apocalypse? seriously ? then i see he could be a great overpower char.

- yea i will call it MFA 3, i dont care about how much weird "first 3" sounds.
mfa 2 was a updated version of mfa 1, and it still same game, just 3.0 version...
that means, same story mode again, + extra modes and extra chars...
and im not sure if you can use mfa2 save files at mfa3 folder to start with everything unlocked.

plan to MFA 3 are 10 more chars
guardian of galaxys + apocalypse + scarlet witch + 3
 and somes new modes....
- return of danger room
- villain mode
- guardian of galaxy  (something simillar to f4)
- maybe conclude hell mode
- apocalypse (something simillar to asgard)

Maru are with some free time and working on this extra chars, actually he re-did rocket roccon with a really better look....
but no, i will not return to openbor right now, still on mugen, i just want to share part of this plans.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Sorry for lack of news, im still working on it, but i will hold news for a keep a bit of surprise effect....
so i will no anwser questions about project yet.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


(not final,still looking for fonts and a better game logo... and maybe another bg)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


almost back guys. 
(actually im aready back to my travel, but is so much work at job to do on this first week) 
thanks for all good wishs, about project i will not talk so much or anwser questions, because somes i want to wait and others because i dont know yet.