Monday, September 30, 2013

More updates....

Friday, September 27, 2013

[MFA2] Friday news

Loos like no one respect me when i say roster locked, and i have 3 more chars to add:
- Magneto (GBA sprites) Resized and edited by Maru
- Winter Soldier edited by Jeff
- Cable in progress by Warecus, he already did enought for a NPC, but he want to make what he need to be playable.

Im setting all minions enemys subject to screen, that means they cannot quit screen (only boss and sub-boss will be able to do it), this is a extra job because i must check all previous enemys spawn to set it to screen,  but result is really good, make game more dynamic and fast.

Im updating game roster alphabetically, im at H (redoing a lot of stuffs at Hawkeye), tonite i should upload a quick video just to show extra changes at A to G chars.

Thanks to everyone who follow this project close, unfortunately to manage better my time i will post news only here and youtube (or at chronocrash if i need a code adivice from experts at engine), i have a lot of fun doing this game, and at the moment i have few time to do it, and dont want to waste visiting several different forums.

And still posting about any thing you want to suggest or criticize, if you check all game video updates you will see im totally open to listen it.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

[MFA2] Agility

After see this incredible video, where Gebirge did a review of all chars, even secret ones (thanks man), i will add a new stats, this was a request by Ilusionista too, and 6 people at Survey anwsers, add Jump D + A to all chars, well, i will not do that, not to all, because air combos was avaliable at this game, and i dont want to see colossus or juggernaut doing air combos,

at MFA the jump stats was  bit confuse:
- jump 3 : to acrobats, speed 13, height 3 and can do D + A attack
- Jump 4 : to Flyers, speed 15, height 4 and can control direction of jump at air
- jump 5 : to Hulks, speed 17, height 5 and hit at jump land

but people tink jump 3 bonus is better then 4, so i changed it.
Jump will determine only jump height and jump speed, and chars with jump 5 and 6 will have a special skill at air, like fly or stand at web, if press the special/block button.

to air attack i create a new stats:
Agility, and it will determine:
- Agile 1 and 2 : 1 Air Attack
- Agile 3 and 4: 2 Air attacks
- Agile 5: 3 Air Attacks
- Agile 6: 3 Air Attacks + Special Conter/Evade move

tha means a lot of new air attacks, chars like archangel and ironman will have 2 air attacks, and chars like beast, spiderman, black cat will have 3,

And the chars with Agile 6 (Daredevil, Spiderman, Psylocke and Nightcrawler) will have a counter/evade move if walk and press Block button.

[extra news]
at last post i said roster locked, and now looks like 3 more chars will be in, lol.... i just... cant... lock it.

Monday, September 16, 2013

[MFA2] Game plan

So let me share how it will works, and let me start it with a bad news,
- You must beat part 1 of game again to unlock part 2.
part 1 will be different at somes points, game story still same, but starter roster (wich was inspired by movie, im sure everyone notice that) will be different,  like my initial plan, this game ideia was a marvel: war gems + x-men mutant apocalypse, so initial roster will be this 9 chars of this game + fantastic four, to give some new breath to this old stages, also all chars are getting a update, so should be nice test they again.
- You will be able to change char after any level (before was only at after stages)
- At game part 1, you will unlock all new chars like at MFA, exemple, at 2 stage, departament h, you will unlock rogue, jubilee, nightcrawler and deadpool.
- Game part 2 will have a new story, and all chars unlocked, it will have 7 stages, and you must select stage like  at marvel: war gems, (first will be 3 avaliable, later more 3, and finally last stage)
- new items like Radio to call NPC, life and energy orbs, will be avaliable at part 1 and 2 of game.
- NPCs which become playable or radio suport willbe replaced at part 1.
- Red Skull DLC was a test, and result was not good, because after DLC game load models twice and first loading become huge, so no DLC to MFA2, (but Red Skull will be unlocked after beat game part 1, but a different version, without cosmic cube)
- Danger room mode dont need to be unlocked, so after unlock some char, you can quit game, and train with him at danger room.
- Hard mode will be more like a New+ game, just in case you want to play first levels with chars which will be unlockable only at last stages.
- Team mode are not at my plans, but i can change my mind later.
- Game roster is locked, new comers:

Mr Fantastic
Invisible Woman
Human Torch
The Thing
Black Panther
Jean Grey
Red Skull
Iron Fist

I will not work on more chars, already have a lot of enemys, stages and everything else to do,

wish me luck!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

[MFA2] Leadership

Use radio to call for suport, this NPC help change to each charater, your leader stats determines how good this help will be.

Other fews updates in video:
Cyclops new effect for his hyper
Cap new stance and a longer shield hyper
US Agent new hyper
Enemys drop life and energy orbs

Saturday, September 7, 2013

[MFA] Red Skull

Play with Boss of game, use all power of cosmic cube to defeat... yourself... whatever.
Just like at Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 and 2, i thought should be cool play with last boss here too.
Download at:

Friday, September 6, 2013

[MFA2] Rogue

Fans asked for it, she was one of more requested at survey, here and at forums, so i found a nice base, and she will be playable for sure (already reduced hair and head size after upload this gif)
her base:

Survey - Part 2:
That helped me a lot, so please vote at new one:

and at old one if you didnt voted yet:

Thursday, September 5, 2013

[AVX] Miss Marvel

And this was my last contribution to AVX, one more time sorry for lack of information or credits about this last updates, i just dont want to lose focus on MFA2 right now, all AVX playable chars are released now, AVX party is over? ...Stay tuned at IMT for more news... and this weekend for sure i will release Red Skull DLC