Thursday, December 31, 2015

Cyborg Superman almost done.....

Looks like the January release will really happen....
Happy 2016 to everyone :)

and S.Cyborg and Balrog moves added to game page:

Monday, December 28, 2015

Next release?

Working on select screen...


2 days of work, and im almost there....

edit 2:


edit 3:

in game

and a video testing

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Arrow Released

Arrow beta released, enjoy and happy holidays! Its a beta, several stuffs are missing, but there is enough to have fun with him.
"why arrow? is the TV version?" Nope, because he is not realy a update from last Green Arrow, so i need a different name to not messe with host files and my rosters, anyway, rename him to whatever you want.

Friday, October 23, 2015

Mr. Fantastic Updated

Teste it guys! Let me know any mistake here, long time without edit, and please share on forums arounds.

Monday, October 19, 2015

A new plan....

I have one ideia, part of lack of enthusiasm to mugen is because arrow and reed are on final-boring-parts, and im not up to look for what is missing, so the plan is release Reed Wednesday or Thursday, then i hope to get some help on feedback about what is missing, that should make process quickly.
Usually i dont like to release chars that way with possible commons bugs, but if that help me to return, then should be for a good reason.

Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Hey guys, sorry for lack of posts, and thanks for all positive comments on previous thread, im on a new job, so i have few time, and when i tried return i just dont get enthusiasm enought, or fun, to do it.
Maybe in future i try again, but its not a promise.

Thanks for all support on this years of mugen and openbor.

Saturday, June 27, 2015

NEW Computer!

I bought a new pc, now i have a huge backup to restore, then start to work on projects, and one more part of playthrough should be uploaded tonite....

Monday, June 22, 2015

Playthrough MFA2 on HARD

I know some of you guys, are better then me at my game (shame, almost die, lol), but i finished it on hard to test and have fun, btw, im testing some other projects too, and maybe is time to remove dust from JLvsSF.... release a demo at least..... just missing some sounds and somes screenpacks features...

Friday, June 19, 2015

I´m Alive!!!!

Im playing MFA2 and getting some excitement back, i tink i will record a playthrough on hard, and then back to MFA3 or maybe just a MFA2 update....

Monday, April 6, 2015

A break, literally...

Thanks for everyone which still coming here looking for news, but i will not edit for some time, my pc broke, (actually a notebook), i used it to do mugen openbor for 8 years, it still works after all this time, but have no baterry, dvd-drivers and now, any of his USB ports are working, so i cant use a mouse, and is impossible to edit with thouchpad mouse, i cant buy a new one right now, so maybe a return may happen only at May or June.... thanks for support guys....

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

I cant do it....

I just cant do anything on MUGEN atm guys, lack of enthusiasm are really big, i open fight factory and looks like a boring thing to do, and im here to get fun, right? Sorry MUGEN fans, so let me return to MFA and code some of this great sprites which Maru is doing.....

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

MFA3 plans updated

So looks like we have a plan, and i will not keep surpirses this time,  because i want to know what people here tink, you guys already beat game at mfa, again at mfa2 and im sure dont care about do it again :)

---------MFA 3 Plan-----------:

- Star Lord
- Gamorra
- Drax
- Rocket
- Groot
- Scarlet Witch
- Silver Surfer
- Apocalypse
- Loki
- Mystique

New modes:
- Apocalypse
- Villains
- Return of MFA Danger Room
- Hell -- not confirmed --

Story mode changes:
- move strong guy to canada
- unlock cable at jungle
- unlock scarlet witch at sentinel factory
- add Caliban NPC to replace strong guy at sewer
- unlock mystique at thunderbolts part
- add one more map at space stage, using dathbird like boss
and unlock here silver surfer and guardians of galaxy
- and loki and apocalypse will be avaliable at somes modes after beat game.
- (and remove that cable part of ending)

New npcs:
- to apocalypse special: death(caliban), war(deathbird), plague(girl on a floating horse) and famine(pallet swap of plague) to be horsemen (also sub-bosses of apoc mode)
- nova to be radio of star lord, gamorra and rocket
- pyro to mystique
- apocalypse and loki radio should be minions from they modes
- scarlet witch uses acolytes like quicksilver
- drax, groot and silver surfer with 1 to leadership

New item npcs:
- forge
- warlock
- (removing silver surfer and scarlet witch, but will keep Loki)

Updates on old chars:
- really few changes here, maru did somes fixes, but i will not spend so much time on this chars, must of time on MFA2 was updating MFA stuffs.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

MFA3 news and a release to this weekend

Thanks Maru and hno.lobo for keep doing MFA stuffs while im on MUGEN

(star lord in progress by hno.lobo)

(New SW look by Maru)

I was removing dust of  MUGEN Mr. Fantastic, and i noticed he are ready for release, i didnt released at past because some member asked some time to do somes updates, but i didnt get his return, so wait for his release this weekend....

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Poison Ivy - Preview

The Harbinger's masterpiece on her first exhibition

MUGEN/OpenBOR news

Poison Ivy preview didnt get ready in time to valentine day, so lets keep it to other occasion, but i like to say she will be at DCvM too

And while i still on mugen, Maru is on fire doing a lot of work on MFA3.... he did Apocalypse sprites, and Maru finished Loki sprites too! Another playable char confirmed.

Thursday, January 29, 2015


While i keep some progress of mugen private, let me share results of MFA last pool,

- Worst and Best chars are more ballanced.
which is nice, jubilee and wasp lead worst, just like i planned, because both are purposely the waekest , and newcomers always lead best iceman and ironman(thanks to hulkbuster i belive), wolverine 3th, he got a nice update.
only on thing to change after see this results is:, nightcrawler, he was one of best of mfa 1 and now 8th at worst, so he diserve a update.

- i will keep versus mode and friendly fire at game.

remove it - 42%
keep it - 41%
i dont care - 17%

- Apocalypse lead the pool to be playable, and he will.... second place is dr. strange, so i will not promiss him....
at begin i was: apocalypse? seriously ? then i see he could be a great overpower char.

- yea i will call it MFA 3, i dont care about how much weird "first 3" sounds.
mfa 2 was a updated version of mfa 1, and it still same game, just 3.0 version...
that means, same story mode again, + extra modes and extra chars...
and im not sure if you can use mfa2 save files at mfa3 folder to start with everything unlocked.

plan to MFA 3 are 10 more chars
guardian of galaxys + apocalypse + scarlet witch + 3
 and somes new modes....
- return of danger room
- villain mode
- guardian of galaxy  (something simillar to f4)
- maybe conclude hell mode
- apocalypse (something simillar to asgard)

Maru are with some free time and working on this extra chars, actually he re-did rocket roccon with a really better look....
but no, i will not return to openbor right now, still on mugen, i just want to share part of this plans.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015


Sorry for lack of news, im still working on it, but i will hold news for a keep a bit of surprise effect....
so i will no anwser questions about project yet.

Saturday, January 10, 2015


(not final,still looking for fonts and a better game logo... and maybe another bg)

Wednesday, January 7, 2015


almost back guys. 
(actually im aready back to my travel, but is so much work at job to do on this first week) 
thanks for all good wishs, about project i will not talk so much or anwser questions, because somes i want to wait and others because i dont know yet.